Day of the Volunteer in Odessa – Celebrated like Holidays Under German-Romanian Occupation

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


In Odessa the next newly-baked “Ukrainian” holiday was celebrated – the so-called Day of the Volunteer. Once again the present power publicly showed in what cosmic vacuum it exists. At least in the historical Novorossiya region.

The local population, which in previous times widely celebrated traditional holidays – whether it be Day of liberation of the city or the Victory Day, and which met a holiday in their many thousands processions and gatherings on the streets, squares, and memorial complexes, today it’s as though it has died out.

[Note: Some of the photos above show how participants of the “Day of the Volunteer” simulate the capture of “separatists” (for example, a person is detained and thrown into a van) and in general engage the perceived enemy.]

“The dried herbarium” of an official ceremony was presented by the governor and the mayor with their not numerous servants. And also involuntary standard-bearers from city technical training colleges and, of course, indispensable volunteers from “activists of Euromaidan”. The latter tried to represent superheroes Rambo-style, however some of them obviously were impeached by their immense belly. This is, in fact, how all these “extras” looked.

Such an “oil painting” became quite typical in recent times not only for Odessa, but also for the majority of other large cities of the Northern Black Sea Coast during the days of the official holidays, which are invented by the current power for their own pleasure. Exactly the same mass “disregard” was observed in January when the authorities tried to celebrate the so-called Day of Unity – it is unclear between who and who. The same “gentlemen’s set” of sad officials – officials, troops, and the on-duty “europublic” – always ready for service for small remuneration.

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The Odessa old residents say that all this wretchedness very much reminds them of the times of the previous Odessa occupation. The German-Romanian invaders also felt very uncomfortable in Odessa, and preferred to celebrate their holidays without the presence of the local population.

Their current “successors” in this sense are no better at all. And the frankly obscene attitude of these newly appeared “trendsetters” towards the favourite holidays of Odessans only emphasizes the “distance of huge proportion” that separates this, predominantly alien, public from other people. It is enough to say that for all three years that this gloomy regime has existed, in Odessa there wasn’t even one instance of the well-known over the whole world Odessa Yumorina. The inhabitants of Odessa obviously have no mood and desire to have fun under the present self-appointed power, which drove all of Ukraine into a coma. But it doesn’t mean at all that they stopped being inhabitants of Odessa. And for certain they didn’t forget that he who laughs last, laughs the best.

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