Deadly Viruses of Ukrainian Laboratories

Much has been said about the bacteriological laboratories created and controlled by the United States in the post-Soviet countries, especially about the Ukrainian and Georgian experience. This topic does not lose its relevance, given the current epidemiological situation.

The former chief sanitary doctor of the Russian Federation Gennady Onishchenko several years ago said that the outbreak of swine fever in the south of the country in 2013 was associated with the activities of bacteriological laboratories, with which the United States tried to encircle Russia from the territory of neighbouring states. In 2016, the channel “Rossiya 24” released a film made by Aleksandr Rogatkin “Murder test tube”, which spoke about American bacteriological laboratories in Ukraine and Georgia. Gennady Onishchenko in this film directly said: a belt of military laboratories is being created around Russia, where military epidemiologists work.

By 2016, a central reference laboratory was built and started working in the southeast of Kazakhstan, using US money.

The hostile information environment usually ignores such warnings, even if they are about obvious and proven things. But in 2018, former Georgian state security Minister Igor Giorgadze also exposed the secret experiments of the Lugar laboratory in Tbilisi. Finally, separate voices of the Ukrainian politicians sounded on this topic too. Immediately after the revelations of Igor Giorgadze, former Prosecutor General of Ukraine Renat Kuzmin drew attention to this problem, stating in a Facebook post about 15 Ukrainian laboratories “where the US military produce deadly viruses”. He suggested that the spread of strange epidemics in Ukraine (avian flu, measles, SARS, African swine fever) may be associated with the work of these bacteriological laboratories in Odessa, Kharkov, Kiev, Vinnytsia, Uzhgorod, Lvov, Kherson, and Ternopol.

“It is known that the Geneva Convention of 1972 prohibits the production of bacteriological weapons and for this reason, the US military does not produce them on US territory. And why? Because after all, there are so many beautiful test sites in the world like Ukraine or Georgia, where you can produce and test any deadly viruses on the local population?

There’s just need to create a military laboratory, to give it a harmless name, such as ‘sanitary-epidemiological laboratory’, and assign to it your supervisor… So, maybe it is this that explains the appointment to the post of Minister of Health of Ukraine, concurrently curator of the American military bacteriological project, the US citizen Suprun, who is as far from medicine as Prosecutor-General Lutsenko is from law, and foreign Minister Klimkin from diplomacy?” wrote Kuzmin.

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This information, which recently seemed to some to be a conspiracy theory and propaganda, today is able to wash the eyes of many distrustful citizens among the “waiting for proof” crowd.

The situation with the spread of coronavirus forces us to understand the unprecedented “generosity” with which the United States invested in bacteriological laboratories on the territory of the post-Soviet space.

Let’s start with the opposition – “you’re all lying”. Suppose that both Gennady Onishchenko and former ministers Igor Giorgadze and Renat Kuzmin thickened the paint and exaggerated the danger posed by the good American guys… Let’s say that no experiments have been carried out on the people who inhabit these territories, and all the activities of the bacteriological laboratories are aimed exclusively at the benefit of the local residents. But COVID-19 came to these territories. And what does the population have?

What is the benefit of all these Pentagon “biological threat reduction” projects? What have these American investments given to the “study of the most dangerous pathogenic microorganisms” on the territory of Ukraine? The very epidemics of avian influenza, measles, SARS, and African swine fever that Renat Kuzmin mentioned back in 2018? And how is it useful? Ah, yes, the United States did install in Ukraine “wunderwaffe” and panacea – baba Ulyana [Suprun – ed] who goes by the nickname “Doctor Death”.

At the end of 2013, residents of Merefa near Kharkov actively protested against the creation of an American reference laboratory in the nearby village of Shelkostantsiya, on the territory of the former Institute of Silk Management. This story is old, but revealing. The people back then defended the security of their small motherland. There were deputy requests from Communists to Prime Minister Azarov… As a result, the “bandit government” not only cancelled the construction of the bacteriological laboratory, but also suspended the collaborationist program that President Yushchenko indulged in with US Senator Lugar.

The story of Yushchenko’s kneeling in front of the Pentagon was as simple as pie. In 2005, the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and the US Department of Defence concluded an “Agreement on Cooperation in Preventing the Spread of Technologies, Pathogens, and Knowledge That Can Be Used in the Development of Biological Weapons”. Within the framework of this Agreement, the American company “Black & Veatch Special Projects Corp.” started to implement the Pentagon project “Reduction of biological threat in Ukraine”. That’s when Americanisation started – “reconstruction” of laboratories at sanitary-epidemic stations. It was back then that the white master had an unhealthy interest in Ukrainian veterinary medicine…

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The timeframe of the project “Reduction of biological threat in Ukraine” ended by the summer of 2013. Azarov’s government refused to prolong it.

But after the Maidan coup, the intention to make the inhabitants of Merefa happy was with a bacteriological laboratory was brought to its logical conclusion… And in those conditions, there was no one to protest.

Political scientist Aleksandr Danilevsky commented on this problem:

“Now there are a dozen and a half of such laboratories across Ukraine. Initially, the Americans placed a stake on Odessa and Kharkov on the basis that the Kharkov region borders Russia, and the Odessa region borders Transnistria. And Odessa is a port city. In large cities it is easier to work with logistics, with administration. All Ukrainian authorities were tied to the Americans and the EU. These bacteriological laboratories were not created in an empty place, but on the basis of certain scientific centers. There’s was something to work with initially.

By mid-2014, information had been received about a bacteriological laboratory near Merefa: it was guarded by armed men in unidentified uniforms. And they banned local residents grazing near the water basin. In addition to enhanced security, the introduction of a regime of a specially protected facility, this fact also attracts attention… On several occasions, trucks with specific trailers with European Union number-plates, particularly Polish ones, were seen there. What was loaded in and out of them – some containers, some specific structures – also caused local residents to be concerned.

The fact that there were outbreaks of atypical influenza among children in Merefa and the surrounding area in 2014-2015 remained completely unaddressed. Doctors recorded it. But there was no spread beyond the nearby territories.”

The political scientist also recalled the well-known Kharkov statement of Zbigniew Brzezinski that he will be satisfied only when NATO tanks stand on the border of the Belgorod region. If we do not understand the statement of the furious Zbigniew literally, it can be considered that the dream of the ideologist has come true: near the Belgorod region there really are those weapons that pose a threat to it.

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“Recall that in 2013 there were outbreaks of swine fever, and all crossings between Ukraine and the Russian Federation were equipped with special disinfectants,” continued A. Danilevsky. “All cars that passed the border crossing were treated with a special solution. Here it is still necessary to bear in mind that the Belgorod region, bordering Kharkov, is a large livestock producer, a supplier for all Russia. About 20% of the chicken that is sold in the Russian Federation is produced in the Belgorod region. And the Belgorod region very reacted painfully to outbreaks of all kinds of diseases in the territory of the Kharkov region. Even until 2014, Ukrainian politicians tried not to raise the issue of threats posed by American bacteriological laboratories. And after the coup – especially: all those who were then in power acted within the framework of US foreign policy. They just ignored this topic.”

The political scientist adds that today there is every reason to talk about the “man-made” origin of coronavirus, which constitutes a form of delivery, bringing disease to the body. Thus, the recommendations of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, issued about a month ago, state that coronavirus is already the next level of development of avian influenza, a new mutated version.

“In addition to the medical consequences, the virus has huge economic consequences,” concludes Danilevsky. “It affects not only the health of people, but also the health of the state. We see this both in the decline in China’s production and in the reduction in prices for the world s leading energy carriers. Logistics have been stopped, international agreements have been terminated.

A number of countries have faced serious challenges. The Americans, starting their virus program, did not really think about how to secure a particular territory and its inhabitants, but aimed to develop a fundamentally new type of bacteriological weapon, which, in addition to threatening the health of ordinary people, has serious economic and financial consequences for states. If in the 20th century weapons were limited to the destruction of human resources, now viruses are aimed primarily at destabilising the economic and political condition of individual states, at paralysing their subjectivity.”

Yakov Babayevsky

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