Dear St. Nicholas, Pray to the Lord for the Children of Donbass!

In Gorlovka people still live in basements

We talked to a woman from Gorlovka. She spoke about how in Donbass they congratulated children this year for the holiday of St. Nicholas, how difficult it was to transfer gifts through the barriers, how children sincerely rejoiced, how parents cried, receiving these tidings of peaceful life.

In their letters to St. Nicholas the children all wanted peace. Some wanted a lot of food for their family. And one girl wrote that she was is very much asking for a new dress for her mother, and nothing more, because they live in a basement…

“How?!” I said with surprise, “are they still in the basement?”

“Father, why are you surprised? It’s Gorlovka! They are shelled here every day!”

How immediately sickening it was to think that such a childhood was prepared for our children! But it is comforting that in such sorrow they still grow noble and elevated.

Dear Father Nicholas, pray to the Lord for the children of Donbass! Wisen our rulers who keep their children in luxury and in privilege! Let the tear of every child from Gorlovka, Lugansk, Donetsk, and other places where OUR children suffer touch their hearts!

Alipios Arhimandritos

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