“Death to Poles”: Ukrainian Vandals Drew Swastikas on Polish Monuments

Translated by Ollie Richardson 



In the Ukrainian village of Pidkamin in the Lvov region, unknown persons desecrated memorials to Poles who died during World War II.

The deputy of the Lvov City Council Igor Zinkevich wrote about this incident on his page on a social network and reported the details. The vandals tagged and covered with red paint memorial crosses and plaques to the killed Poles, on some of them swastikas were drawn, and the central cross was tagged with the inscription “Death to Poles!”, reports TASS.

Polish politicians have already addressed the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. The President of Poland Andrzej Duda personally asked Poroshenko to change the law adopted in April, 2015, in which OUN and UPA are recognised as organizations that fought for the independence of Ukraine and are allocated with the corresponding honors. In July, 2016, the Sejm of Poland adopted a resolution that recognized the crimes of OUN and UPA against Poles in Volyn in 1943-1944 as genocide.


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