Deciphering the Diplomatic Statements on Turkey’s “Operation Peace Spring”

About the reaction of the “international community” to Turkey’s incursion…

Just when you think that the “civilised” West and allies couldn’t be any more hypocritical, they all open their mouths and prove you wrong. Some of the reactions ought to be parodies.

Let us be honest here – there is no “civil war” in Syria. Every single UNSC member is involved in one way or another. But Russia, for example, did not violate international law. The collective West simply cannot afford to abide by international law, since they would lose/be outsmarted.

What’s remarkable is that the West is still losing despite the fact that they have spat on the UN charter (the UN being headquartered in the US is not a coincidence; it is blatantly biased in favour of the West). And this happened without Moscow violating international law. A masterclass.

Lets firstly look at Saudi Arabia’s statement (source 1 and source 2):

Do not adjust your screens. Riyadh is accusing Turkey of “violating the unity, independence and sovereignty of the Syrian territories”. My oh my. And Riyadh says all this with a serious face. 

Saudi Arabia funded divisions of Al Qaeda and ISIS and supplied them well. We’ve all seen footage of Saudi ID cards and food cans being found on liberated Syrian land. The so-called “High Negotiations Committee” and “Syrian Opposition” are Saudi proxies.

However, Riyadh did all this through proxies and Syrian traitors, so therefore it would appear that there is no proof of Saudi’s direct involvement. Well, don’t expect the UN to do any digging. It is a bought-and-paid-for structure. Same for the ICC.

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I need not mention what Riyadh is doing in Yemen. What’s interesting is that the US & Co’s official position vis-a-vis Yemen changed when Trump came to power. Now there is token “condemnation”, designed to blackmail the Saudi monarchy into coughing up more tributes.

This “condemnation” is also designed to distance the West’s role in massacring Yemenis and robbing their land. “Blame the Saudis” they say, as the US takes under-the-table payments from Riyadh. The Pentagon dumps its military junk on Saudi land because nobody else will buy it.

On October 12th Boris Johnson chimed in (source):

“The Prime Minister was clear that the UK cannot support Turkey’s military action”. Ok then, don’t “support” it, but what are you physically doing to stop it? Nothing. So the statement is just crocodile tears – “UK is innocent, Erdogan is Saddam Hussein 2.0”. 

Britain is one of the main reasons there is warfare on Syria’s land! If Sykes-Picot wasn’t disgusting enough, the UK created a pseudo “humanitarian group” – White Helmets – in order to give Al Qaeda the cover it needed to slaughter Syrian citizens.

In order to keep things simple, let’s say that the US’ reaction consists of two parts: the “deep state” and Trump. Let’s deal with Trump first (source):

He says it’s a “bad idea”, but then talks about ending war. These are mutually exclusive phrases. I.e., Trump can’t end the US’ involvement in Syria without throwing the Kurds under the Turkish bus. Frankly speaking, his statement is approval of Turkey’s incursion. When he says “bad idea”, he most likely means that the “deep state” won’t like it, and will start screaming about sanctions (Lindsey Graham, cough cough). Also, the US is doing nothing to physically stop it.

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The “deep state” threatened sanctions, accused Ankara of shelling a US military base, and suddenly valued the Kurds over Turkey as an ally. If to compare Trump’s manoeuvres and that of the “deep state”, the latter is going to lose. The US can’t do anything to hurt Turkey.

The EU’s reaction isn’t even worth talking about really. It is guilty of arming and funding Al Qaeda too. And the EU, like all other belligerents, now wants to get off the “regime change” titanic, otherwise Juncker will find a “refugee camp” outside his mansion.

Russia’s separate statement isn’t too different from its joint one with Ankara and Tehran (source):

If to decipher it, it means that Turkey’s incursion is in agreement with Moscow and Tehran, and that Moscow sees the SDF as a belligerent. 

The official reaction of Damascus is both predictable and necessary (source 1 and source 2):

Turkey is responsible for the mass deaths of Syrian citizens, but Damascus by itself is not able to combat a NATO member with the nuclear “might” of the US behind it. 

As I always say, Syria must be capable of defending its statehood, whether against a nuclear power or not, and not hiding behind Moscow. That said, the Syrian Army has shown “skin in the game” in the same way the Red Army did, and this will only benefit Syria.

When the Syrian war actually ends (US leaves the Northeast), Moscow will scale down (optimise) its deployment, focusing on defending its assets. At this moment, Syria must be very ready to respond to belligerent provocations effectively by itself, without Moscow’s help.

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The purpose of the S-400 in Latakia will become more apparent after the war has ended. It will act as a guarantor of regional stability, something that the UN is clearly incapable of being. The subsequent S-400 deployments/sales in the Middle East will protect the Silk Road.

At the same time, Turkey holds collateral against Moscow and Beijing, owing to the pragmatic nature of relations. Ankara makes PR statements about “Uighurs internment camps” and gives superficial support to Ukrainian terrorists like the Mejlis.

This will change over time.

All in all, the collective West is doing absolutely nothing to stop the Turkish incursion besides lip service so that the “ally” Kurds aren’t too offended. Russia never deceived the Kurds – the door for talks was always open, and neither did Damascus or Tehran.

It is THIS that the S-400 is all about: ensuring that all players respect the rules of risk. Will Moscow shootdown your fighter jet if you fly over Hmeymim without coordination? None of the belligerents have the balls to find out. Indicative.

The Rojava Kurds thought they had a good plan and that spitting on Damascus would happen without consequences.


It’s time to pay the bill now. Assad accepts any of the Eurasian currencies. Sadly the Kurds only seem to have useless dollars, shekels, and riyals.

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