Declassified Documents Reveal the US Government’s Funding for Fifth-Column Media in Russia

The TV channel “Dozhd” [fifth column – ed] is officially affiliated with the US State Department and, together with “RBK” and “Echo of Moscow” [both are also fifth-column – ed] is financed by the US government. This is explicitly stated in the 2013 US State Department report on the inspection of the BBG (the state agency that makes Radio Liberty, Voice of America, and the rest of the US state media), from which the “official-only” stamp was removed recently:


As far as funding is concerned. Here is the budget report of this very BBG:

We read on page 34 about what money was spent on in the section “Russian Voice of America” (VOA): “Providing alternatives to counter Russian pressure”.

And here he is a list of those through who this noble “opposition” is implemented. And again no surprises. American-style business: amounts are specified, channels are specified.

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