Decline of the British Empire. How Will Elizabeth II Be Remembered?

NEW – September 9, 2022

In 1945, Great Britain ceded formal leadership in the Western world to the United States. But at the same time, it was able to preserve its individuality and, in part, its empire. London simply turned it into a hidden, networked form, creating the British Commonwealth of Nations.

Today, London retains a colossal influence on world politics thanks to such purely English trumps as finance, excellent intelligence and high humanitarian technologies. It was England that became one of the main trendsetters in pop music, design, fashion, cinema and literature – after the victorious march of The Beatles and James Bond, the British seduced the whole world with their mass culture. And it is the City of London that has retained its role as the main center of the global financial system, where the “elitists of all countries” rush together with their capitals.

Actually, the greatest merit of Elizabeth II is precisely that she was able to keep Britain’s place in the “highest geopolitical league” for more than half a century, making the decline of the British Empire, albeit inevitable, but truly brilliant. And in many ways she succeeded thanks to the “rebranding” of the British monarchy – during her reign she became fashionable, media and commercially attractive. One problem is that what gave a great result in the short term is now starting to turn against the entire royal family.

Sometimes you have to hear that the monarchy in Great Britain is such a beautiful vignette left over from the Middle Ages. This is a completely erroneous impression. Britain is governed by a monarch and a privy council. Not all the people who enter there are known. In reality, Britain is not governed by a prime minister at all, just as the United States is not governed by a president. Both prime ministers and presidents are hired clerks. In this respect, the monarch is much more important than the Prime minister, former, current or even future.

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In general, it is necessary to understand what the British elite is. For them, society is about 2,000 families, which are all fifth cousins, fourth cousins, second cousins. That’s what society is. It would never occur to any British elite to consider a docker, engineer or representative of the middle class as a member of society. The middle class is the object of constant jokes of the British elite, and not always kind. Something like this: oh, middle-class people are so funny, they dress so funny, they have such funny furniture in their houses.

Andrey Fursov

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