“Defeat at Belogorovka”: What Really Happened

NEW – May 15, 2022

Fake: Units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed a pontoon crossing over the Seversky Donets River, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation lost 73 pieces of equipment. Such messages are distributed in the Ukrainian segment of Telegram.

Truth: The fighting in the area of Belogorovka and Severodonetsk is really serious. Ukrainian propagandists, distributing pictures of the destroyed crossing, are trying to declare their unconditional victory. However, the Ministry of Defence also has filming of the “work” of the Russian military on UAF units.

In the video, we can see how the Russian paratroopers covering the crossing successfully repelled the attack, destroying part of the forces that tried to wedge in. The pontoon crossing was forcibly destroyed, but the main forces of the motorised infantry battalion of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, reinforced with tanks, could not cross and enter the rear of the Russian group. And the allied artillery successfully completed the destruction of the accumulated enemy equipment on the right bank of the river. Even Western media, in particular CNN, write about the destruction of the most important bridges for the Ukrainian military.

The picture of the destroyed crossing requires separate comments. The damaged armoured vehicles in the photo are in service with both the UAF and Russian units (as well as the armies of the LPR and DPR), it is quite problematic to determine the ownership of a particular vehicle.

Among them there are outdated BMP-1s, which are no longer in service with the Russian army (the UAF and L/DPR have them). It can be concluded that both sides suffered losses, but it will obviously not work to write everything down as the defeat of the Russian group (as Ukrainian propaganda did).

An interesting point: most of the “destroyed” equipment in the photo (and this is clearly not 73 units) do not have obvious signs of destruction, as a maximum they were simply disabled: there are no traces of an explosion of ammunition, combusting, ripped apart turrets and deformation of the body. Moreover, some vehicles manoeuvre and go into battle again (in the video — from 7:53). Adviser to the Interior Minister Anton Gerashchenko generally stated about 250 units of destroyed equipment, but this simply cannot be. Knowing his addiction to fakes, there is no doubt about it.

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The crossing in question is clearly not under the control of the Ukrainian Armed Forces: the Ukrainian public posts the same satellite photo, which is strange for such a serious victory. The damaged Russian equipment is not taken at all in close-up, there are no shots with destroyed motorised infantry and military personnel of engineering units.

We have already reported earlier that the UAF tried to attribute to itself the destruction of the “Russian” crossing. In fact, the Ukrainian crossing was destroyed by the Russian military.

The footage (May 7) was published by military commander Aleksandr Kots, and the video also appeared on the Telegram channel “Operational Reports”.

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