“Defending Democracy”: The West Tests a Colour Revolution Scenario in Romania

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



During protest actions in Bucharest about 440 participants of a demonstration, including 24 law enforcement officers, were wounded. 65 people were taken to hospitals. This was reported by the “Agerpress” news agency.

The participants of the event gathered in the capital of Romania on the square in front of the governmental building. One of demands of the protesters is the holding of early elections in the country and the resignation of the current government. People threw bottle and stones at police officers.

It should be noted that the initiators of the anti-government protest under the slogan “Diaspora’s home!” were Romanians who live and work abroad. They demand the resignation of the left-centrist government of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) and the alliance of liberals and democrats, and also the holding of early elections.

“We will come to fight against corruption and for a constitutional state,” specified the organisers, “We fight so that democracy remains in Romania. We won’t allow injustice, theft, and incompetence to prevail in Romania”.

As a reminder, protest actions involving many thousands of people already took place in Bucharest in January. People gathered on University Square, protesting against the mitigation of anti-corruption legislation.


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