Definitive Proof That Ukrainian Nationalists Collaborated with Hitler to Build “New Order in Europe and the World”

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Vasily Volga/Miroslava Berdnik

This is indeed the fundamental issue of our statehood. Here is Hosanna to Adolf Hitler on behalf of the “founding fathers” of Ukrainian independence. 
It is precisely this document that definitively ties Ukrainian nationalists to Hitler, and makes them the successors of his “mission”.

“I [Miroslava Berdnik – ed] publish an archival document: the original of the ‘Act of June 30th, 1941’ – ‘declaration of the Ukrainian State’.

It is the original of the so-called ‘Act of June 30th, 1941’ about the declaration/restoration of the ‘Ukrainian State’, or rather, if to be exact, the ‘Regional Administration of the Western Regions of Ukraine before the creation of the Government in Kiev’, that was kindly provided to me by the State Archive Service.

‘Act of declaration of the Ukrainian State

1. By the will of the Ukrainian people, the Organisation of Ukrainian Nationalists under the leadership of Stepan Bandera declares the re-establishment of the Ukrainian State, for which whole generations of the best sons of Ukraine put their lives on the line.

The Organisation of Ukrainian Nationalists, which, under the leadership of its founder and leader Evgen Konovalets, carried out in recent decades of the bloody Moscow-Bolshevik enslavement the obstinate fight for freedom, call on all Ukrainian people not to lay down their arms for a long period of time until the sovereign Ukrainian State is created on all Ukrainian lands.

A sovereign Ukrainian power will ensure for the Ukrainian people order, comprehensive development of all its forces, and the satisfaction of all its needs.

2. Ukrainian power that is subordinated to the Ukrainian national government is being created on the western lands of Ukraine, and will be formed in the capital of Ukraine – Kiev, according to the will of the Ukrainian people.

3. A re-established Ukrainian State will closely cooperate with National-socialist Great-Germany, which, under the leadership of Adolf Hitler, creates new order in Europe and the world, and helps the Ukrainian people to liberate themselves from Moscow occupation.

The Ukrainian National-Revolutionary Army that will be created on Ukrainian land will further fight together with the allied German army against the Moscow occupation for a sovereign united Ukrainian State and new order in the whole world.

Long live a Sovereign United Ukrainian State, long live the Organisation of Ukrainian Nationalists, long live the leader of Ukrainian nationalists Stepan Bandera!

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to Heroes!

Yaroslav Stetsko
Leader of National Assemblies’

I have published one more archival document about the ‘anti-Nazi fight of OUN’ – the letter of the deputy of Bandera Yaroslav Stetsko to Adolf Hitler on July 3rd, 1941.

Lemberg, July 3rd, 1941.

To his Excellency, Fuhrer, and Reichschancellor

Your excellency!

Full of sincere gratitude and admiration for your heroic army, which has covered itself with fadeless glory on the fields of battles with the worst enemy of Europe — Moscow-Bolshevism, we send you, the Great Fuhrer, on behalf of all Ukrainian people and its government, which was created in the liberated Lemberg, warm congratulations and wishes to top this fight with a clear victory.

The victory of German weapons will allow you to expand the construction of a new Europe also to its eastern part. Thereby you have given the Ukrainian people a chance to take an active part in the implementation of this great idea as full, free members of the family of the European people, in their sovereign Ukrainian State.

For the Ukrainian government,
Yaroslav Stetsko
Head [government]’

The archival reference – Ukrainische Regierung, No. 1/41, 3 Juli 1941, Bundesarchiv (Berlin) R 43-II/1500″

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