Demented Banderist Larisa Nitsoy on Lvov TV: Ukraine Should Ban May 9th Holiday & Declare the USSR as an Occupation

Ukraine should abandon the celebration of Soviet holidays and replace them with its own. This was stated on the air of the Lvov TV channel “NTA” by the writer-nationalist Larisa Nitsoy.

According to Nitsoy, for this purpose it is necessary to announce that the whole Soviet period was a period of occupation of Ukraine.

“Why haven’t we finally dissolved these holidays, why haven’t we finally replaced communist holidays with ours? Well, people these days, for example, are used to some holidays – why not introduce Ukrainian holidays? Why it is May 9th on the 8th we seem to have already moved it – Reconciliation Day, Memorial Day. But the 9th was still left. This is all – the absence of Ukrainian power, the Ukrainian vision of events, the way Ukraine should go.

And Ukraine should go its own way, it should have Ukrainian accents in education, children should instil not only universal human values, but also Ukrainian national values, with holidays it is necessary to bring order – to draw a line to say where there were communism, to clearly say that the communist regime was colonisation, we had a period of occupation and, accordingly, we cannot celebrate these holidays,” said Nitsoy.

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