Dementia & Bravery: Ukrainian Deputies in Rada Call for Attacks on Russia

Translated by Ollie Richardson


The Chairman of the Committee of the National Security and Defence Council says that in the Ukrainian Rada there are volunteers to attack Russia. In the eyes of these alecks a scorched Belgorod is already seen. The question arises, how are they going to do it? Russia is a country with nuclear weapons. After this the doubt that half of Ukrainian politicians are simply afraid to attack Russia disappears.

original-3Head of committee on issue of national security of Rada Pashinsky: We are discussing the possibility of announcing war with Russia and storming Belgorod

Even Pashinsky himself alludes to the fact that attacking Russia is impractical. He advocated accumulating or taking cash, and as always to take out a loan, and simply to strengthen the defense of the country. As was done by Israel and South Korea. With this he insinuates that Ukraine is not strong enough to fight against a country with nuclear weapons.

As a result, it will turn out that a new democratic Republic will appear, but now on the territory of Ukraine. According to “Korrespondent” Russia could take over Eastern Ukraine in 14 days, not to mention the West, which currently has a much fewer weapons, including defensive means….

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