Democracy & Freedom: The Nauseating and Hypocritical July 4th Speech of the US Ambassador to Ukraine

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


On June 3rd in Kiev the US ambassador in Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch held a reception in honor of July 4th’s anniversary of the Independence Day of America.

The reception started with a group of marines headed by Sergeant Aiden Cox holding a US flag presentation ceremony. After this the anthems of Ukraine and US were performed without music.

Marie Yovanovitch appeared on the tribune for a cheerful and fervent march, having reported to the audience that she is glad to welcome all guests to her home to celebrate the 242nd anniversary of US independence.

“The US, for all it’s been through, times of war and peace, calm and crisis, economic highs and lows, it has always an example of strength and independence.

Tomorrow American families will celebrate the ideas enshrined in our 242-year-old declaration of independence, that people have the right to choose their government, that all of us are created equal, and that we are all endowed with certain basic rights.

We are celebrating these ideas here together knowing all too well the price both of our countries have paid to get to where we are today.

For both Ukraine and the US our journey continues, and today we celebrate that process that is our democracy,” she noted.

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