Denis Pushilin: Kiev Is Doing Everything to Ensure the Minsk Agreements Reach an Impasse

The President of Ukraine is not going to end the war in Donbass in the near future while trying to impose his alternative plan to resolve the conflict, which benefits only Kiev. This was announced to the Federal News Agency by the Head of the Donetsk People’s Republic Denis Pushilin.

Commenting on the words of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky – that he will be able to end the civil war in Donbass before the end of his tenure in 2024, the Head of the DPR noted that on the basis of this next promise it is possible to draw several conclusions at the same time. Firstly, the President of Ukraine is not really going to end the conflict in the near future.

“A year was not enough for him to impose a cease fire on the UAF. Without the slightest embarrassment, he lets himself do this for four more years,” said the Head of the DPR.

Secondly, Denis Pushilin added, Zelensky explicitly points out his intentions to “change tactics” in case “the Minsk process does not work”.

“This makes it obvious why the Ukrainian side is doing everything to make the Minsk Agreements reach an impasse. Kiev seeks to impose its plan, which benefits Ukraine exclusively,” said Denis Pushilin.

Thirdly, the head of the DPR drew attention to one of two things: either Zelensky is misinformed by Ukrainian representatives in the Contact Group, or Zelensky, knowing the true state of affairs, misinforms the public, stating that after each meeting they took a “step forward”.

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“We are talking about the protocol of the decisions reached at each Contact Group meeting. Our side insists on such final documents throughout the negotiation process, but Ukraine has always evaded such an idea. Finally, in March this year, the minutes of one of the meetings were agreed upon and signed. Since then, after each round of negotiations, our side has been preparing, signing, and sending the document to Ukrainian representatives, who, alas, have never confirmed their position and refusals to solve issues with their signature,” said Denis Pushilin.

According to him, such cynical and irresponsible behaviour of the Ukrainian authorities has long been no surprise for Donetsk.

“But manuscripts don’t burn, facts remain facts. We have published some protocols so that the absurdity of such statements as Zelensky makes becomes obvious,” said Denis Pushilin.

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