Denis Pushilin: Kiev’s Plans to Deport the People of Donbass Are Unrealisable

The Donetsk People’s Republic will not allow the implementation of the Ukrainian “plan to deport the people of Donbass” and will protect its residents by all available methods, including diplomatic and military ones. This was announced on November 18th by the Head of the DPR Denis Pushilin.

In the Ukrainian segment of social networks, information is actively disseminated that the Kiev authorities at the state level are preparing a “plan to deport the people of Donbass”. The essence of it is to organise and carry out a cleansing of dissenters aimed at disparaging, and in some cases destroying, persons who do not share pro-Ukrainian views.

Thus, a number of punitive measures will be used against those who do not follow the ideology of the government in Kiev and do not support it, from deportation to judicial prosecution, for both administrative and criminal offences. In replacement of the people who were forced to leave their homes, residents of Western and Central Ukraine will be resettled in Donbass.

“In this ‘plan’ “we learned nothing fundamentally new. The Kiev authorities have long had hopes of getting rid of us. This is confirmed by the war launched by Ukraine aimed at destroying the civilian population of Donbass and destroying socially important infrastructure. Nor does the economic blockade imposed by the Kiev authorities contribute to the favourable living conditions of our citizens. Now ‘a plan to deport the people of Donbass’ arrived in their sick imagination.

Donbass is our home! And only its residents decide how and where to live, who to be friends with, what language to speak. Our paths with Ukraine diverged as early as 2014. We chose the way home to the Russian Federation. The Republic is systematically moving towards its cherished goal, step by step building up and strengthening integration processes with Russia. While all the actions of the government in Kiev have been and continue to be extremely destructive towards us.

Protecting citizens is our primary task. And we will choose the instrument to solve it – diplomatic or military – depending on the situation. In any case, such dreams of Zelensky will never be realised: we will not allow it,” said Denis Pushilin.

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