Denis Pushilin: The DPR Plans to Become a Part of Russia

On September 11th Denis Pushilin met representatives of the Russian intelligentsia in Moscow, reports the official website of the head of the DPR. The head of the Donetsk People’s Republic answered the questions of political scientists, bloggers, and journalists from different federal districts of the Russian Federation. All questions that were sounded during communication concerned only the situation that developed in the Donetsk People’s Republic.

Answering the question of whether the reunification of Donbass with Russia is possible or not, Pushilin said:

“We are faced with one task — the maximum integration into the Russian space. Ideally — to be a part of Russia as a federal district. What cannot be taken away from the people of Donbass is patience. But if to be the most frank, then before the decree of the President of the Russian Federation on the issuance of Russian passports under the simplified system, people’s moods were not so optimistic.

The head of the DPR is skeptic about Vladimir Zelensky’s idea to create a road map for Donbass for the purpose of returning it to the structure of Ukraine. “The name of such a road map is the Minsk Agreements. And there it is documented that Ukraine has to implement it. It also concerns prisoner exchanges, amnesty, and all the rest. However, such statements were also made by Poroshenko, but nothing happened after these mere words,” reminded Pushilin.

He isn’t disturbed by the paragraph of the Minsk Agreements stipulating the transfer of control over the border to Ukraine. “Such a bullet point is present in the Minsk Agreements package of measures [for realisation]. It is nearly one of the last ones. But so that you understood, all the others have to be implemented beforehand: we have to have our law enforcement bodies, our power structures, the possibility of documenting cross-border cooperation with Russia, and contractual relations between us and Ukraine,” explained Denis Pushilin to attendees concerning the essence of the Minsk Agreements. “Ukraine isn’t ready to do this, and it demonstrates this daily. It’s not worth worrying about the border”.

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