The Desecration of the Bust of Marshal Zhukov in Odessa Was Protected by the Police

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


I wrote that the other day the monument to Zhukov in Odessa was demolished by so-called “unknown persons”; than the local Right Sector members bragged about it, having uploaded a video of the demolition.

The police initiated proceedings opened a criminal case under part 1 Article 296 (hooliganism) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine on the fact of the destruction of the bust. But…. from the beginning to the end of this “hooliganism” a police patrol of three people was at the scene!!!

It is well visible in the video that the leader of local Right Sector activist Sergey Sternenko brags about.

I.e. the policemen just stood nearby and watched all of this, actually protecting the desecration!


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