Destabilization of Russia by Soros: Navalny Linked With the Legalization of Drugs

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The main “fighter against corruption” Alexey Navalny, who showed an ardent desire to compete in 2018 for the presidential chair, doesn’t sit idly by.

Elections are not far off, while there are a lot of things to do: organise anti-corruption meetings, stamped videos imitating the activity of the Anti-corruption Foundation, to bring up drug addicts into the ranks of voters, working off Soros’ money.

Russians wise from experience don’t fall for such nonsense, that’s why Navalny relies on the youth, among which there are also school students. The fight for the minds of the younger generation leaving the process of the formation and understanding of their role in the life of the country is conducted using tough and dirty methods.

That’s why it is so important to now remind Russian voters: the team of Navalny already stated that in the event of his coming to power marijuana will be decriminalized. It’s not a PR stunt, but a statement of fact.

Navalny has been involved in this issue for a long time. He supervised the programs of “Open Society” of Soros for the legalization of methadone – forbidden in Russia, and now dreams to occupy the presidential chair in 2018. What does he count on, having as “political baggage” scandals, accusations of lying, criminal cases, and work for western governments and funds?

By the way, the “methadone question” isn’t so simple as it seems. The West has tried to impose on Russia this heavy drug through its network of paid “human rights activists” since 2006.

The ideologist of “color revolutions” George Soros, as well as other sponsors of Navalny, dreams of making the oppositionist the President of Russia and to place our country on the methadone needle. So don’t hope that it will stop at marijuana.

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Methadone, Navalny’s exposure, and the destabilization of Russia

2015: internal documents of the Open Society Institute and the fund of the same name (Open Society Institute and Open Society Foundations) were published online. The Western world shuddered, scandal followed scandal, but of special interest for us is the so-called “The Russian project” of Soros.

The project purpose is the destabilization of the situation and the subsequent change of power in Russia. The plan is developed by Soros’ employees. And precisely the name of Alexey Navalny appears in two Open Society Foundations files under the names “PHP work in Russia” and “Capacity building and strengthening the third sector”. 

The oppositionist is given the role of lobbyist for the project of health care of Soros funds – promotion of the so-called “harm reduction” programme. It concerns the introduction of replacement methadone therapy for the treatment of drug addiction – IHRD (harm reduction) and the program of access to essential medicines (AEMI).

Soros’ attempts to enrich himself via Russian drug addicts suffered failures. Allegedly he was impeached by the “hostile attitude of the government towards marginal groups of the population”
He was forced to look for other ways, because the financing of “pet” NGOs – AGORA, “Andrey Rylkov’s fund for health and social justice”, “The coalition on readiness for treatment”, and “Patient control” didn’t help at all and didn’t approach the aim.

Alexei Navalny as a lobbyist for “methadone dependence”

Navalny, in Soros’ plan, had to provide personally the strategic direction for the lobbying programs “harm reduction” and “access to essential medicines”, and especially the implementation of methadone therapy. The western countries that “adopted” this therapy now refuse it, but Soros already had the time to receive billions in profits.

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Now it’s the turn of obstinate Russia, whose authorities and medical community don’t permit the use of synthetic medication to treat addicts, in comparison with which heroin will appear simply “child’s play”. The only hope is for lobbyists like Navalny, liberal media, and employees of Russian funds that are maintained by George Soros.

Navalny lobbies for the legalization in Russia of soft drugs, in the past he promoted Soros’ project on the legalization of methadone in Russia, and now he seeks to become the Russian President and convokes youth meetings, forming voters loyal to himself. Future President of drug addicts?

It is clear why Soros placed a stake on him: he didn’t manage to convince doctors and scientists, so it is necessary to push the idea to the masses. To start with small things: to legalize marijuana, and then it will be the turn of methadone. Usually everything starts in this way: dependence needs to be created, and then strengthened, convincing Russians of the idea that it is exactly methadone that will become a solution to the problem.

“In the 80’s, America and Europe refused to purchase methadone, however at that moment methadone was produced for several thousand years ahead. The question arose: what to do with it? The well-known fund of Soros, which at that time already implemented programmes ‘reduction of harm from drug use’ and the programme of exchange of syringes and needles for drug addicts as prophylaxis of the spreading of AIDS, joined in with this issue, and they started to resort to propaganda of substitution methadone therapy, also with the aim of prophylaxis of the spreading of AIDS.

For example, in Switzerland after the methadone treatment programme the death rate of patients was 33%, thirty remained drug addicts, and one in three was able to be cured from drug addiction.”

In this regard, it would be desirable to ask Alexey Navalny a question: is he still connected with Soros’ program in the field of healthcare, more precisely, with the legalization of methadone in Russia? If not, then why was his statement about the legalisation of marijuana voiced? Aren’t there any other proposals in the sphere of the fight against drug addiction in the country and the treatment of drug-addicted citizens? Information about the connection of Soros funds and the lobbying of its doubtful initiatives plays against the oppositionist.

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Navalny actually plays the role of a drug dealer for the American billionaire, capable of destroying Russia and to turn its population into a herd of methadone addicts.

It is impossible to recover from this dependence, only to die in terrible agony.

It would be desirable to receive answers to these questions before voting day in Russian presidential elections arrives. For now Navalny prepares the children and youth in Russia to be future drug addicts, and it is here the truth lies.

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