The Destruction of Flight MH-17: An Unexpected Turn

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The other day Russia transferred to the Netherlands materials on the radar control of the air zone in which the Malaysian aircraft MH-17 was brought down on July 17th, 2014. Initially Russia, in accordance with the protocol, transferred these materials in their original form, i.e. not codified. However, the Dutch investigators, armed with all modern technical means and relying on the help of their British colleagues, still haven’t been able decipher records and eventually asked Russian experts to do it. This is the only request for cooperation in 3 years. Previously, no proposals from the Russian side were accepted by the commission.

However, it would be better if the Dutch hadn’t asked. It unambiguously follows from deciphering the records that there were no installations of “Buk” on the territory of the militia, and that the missile was launched from a site of military operations taken by UAF troops. And this is not the fiction of reporters, but documented-technical information.

However, apparently, the deciphering received from Russia won’t be attached to the case materials, as well as a mass of other data that isn’t compatible with the version of events of the investigation. It, most likely, will fall into the unknown, like the negotiations of the dispatcher of the Dnepropetrovsk air hub with MH-17 and satellite pictures of the tragedy from American spy satellites.

At the same time, it isn’t easy for the performers to maintain the prescribed line of the investigation. Independent experts honestly propose newer and newer courses for it, which can help the case. For example, one of such courses is the following.

In connection with the fact that in the army of Ukraine all available installations of the missile defense system “Buk1m” are accounted for and can be certified by the commission, it is rather enough to establish if at least one of them was used to open fire. The inspection of the available 60 launchers of this system is physically possible and can yield unexpected results. The launch of the “Buk1m” missile leaves on the ramp indelible “burns”, which are impossible to hide, even with a new coat of paint coat. This proposal would seem to be simple, but it isn’t deprived of sense. However, there is also no hope that it will be accepted.

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The games of the Dutch investigators could be played endlessly if there wasn’t any new data, which appear on the principle that it’s impossible to conceal an awl in a linen bag.

The professor of the faculty of international relations at the University of Sussex (Great Britain), the chairman of the public organization “Committee on Vigilance against Resurgent Fascism” Kees van der Pijl finished writing the book “Launch. Flight MH-17, Ukraine, and the new cold war”. This book will appear on sale in September. It is already announced, its contents were revealed to general public.

Professor van der Pijl considers the tragedy from a geopolitical point of view and asks a question: who received the greatest benefit from this catastrophe? And he answers: the US, which, as a result, imposed sanctions against Russia, undermining its gas industry and blocking the strengthening of its role in the international arena.

The professor gives, in particular, the following arguments:

  • One day prior to the tragedy the BRICS countries concluded an agreement on the creation of their bank, in which the US saw a competitor to the IMF and the World Bank;

  • Vladimir Putin and Angela Merkel without the participation of the US agreed about the new concept of a settlement of the crisis in Ukraine, and real progress was outlined;

  • Besides this, after the “Boeing” crash the task of the creation of a springboard for the activization of the activity of American gas companies in the European space and the repelling of Russia from the EU market was fulfilled. Moscow was compelled to refuse the construction of South Stream, and relations with the government in Kiev, which, as a result, became a bargaining chip in the dirty games of the West, definitively deteriorated.

The book “Launch. Flight MH-17, Ukraine, and the new cold war” will be published in German by the Cologne publishing house “Papi-Rossa”. At the same time the author of the book and his colleagues perfectly understand what conditions they are obliged to work in. For example, no European or American media didn’t respond to its announcement. As if there wasn’t even a sound about its emergence. There are no doubts that its destiny in the book market will be sad. There are 1001 ways to suffocate such printed materials. For example, the book “Big Breach” of the former MI6 employee Richard Tomlinson about the crimes of this agency, which released in Moscow in 2001 in English, wasn’t even stocked on the shelfs of bookstores in the West, despite its sensational nature. The trucks with all the copies, which went through Ireland to London, were traced along the route, and the books were immediately bought by intelligence services, without managing to get the book on the shelves of libraries. Public discussion concerning the book was also strangled.

However times change. 16 years ago social networks weren’t so developed yet. Besides this, Richard Tomlinson was in hiding, he escaped his colleagues who were eager to catch him in their hands, and he at that time couldn’t manage to do what today the group of professor van der Pijl did. It opened on the Internet the blog Der Abschuss Flug MH17 (“Flight MH17’s destruction”) containing information about the publication, links to used sources, and a section for reviews on the Internet.

The book hasn’t yet appeared, while the blog is already filled with numerous visitors. This is a sign that in Europe fatigue from stupid and false Russophobic propaganda, which is aimed at the low IQ of the public and its inability to analyze events independently, accumulates. So far there is nothing similar in the European blogosphere, and results can surpass the expectations of authors.

Relying on the book, the authors of the blog intend to raise a multitude of questions still unknown to the European public. Many ridiculous discrepancies during the investigation and the persistent unwillingness of investigators to answer inconvenient questions will be brought to the surface. Among them there are, as is known, such ones as:

  • From where did the President of Ukraine Poroshenko, who declared the tragedy 15 minutes after it happened, could know that the “Boeing” had been shot down by a Russian “Buk” missile?

  • Why doesn’t the commission of investigators pay attention to the results of experimental exploding of a replica “Boeing” by the Almaz-Antey corporation and refuses to take part in a repeated experiment?

  • What are the motives for a change of route of MH-17 by Ukrainian dispatchers just before the tragedy?

Whether the authorities will block the blog, and what this will lead to will soon become clear. However, an interesting turn of events can take place. As a result of the activity of the blog, the work of the Dutch commission on the investigation into the tragedy of MH-17 will not only bare the essence of European democracy and the European justice, but will also show what dark force these institutions serve.

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