The Desyatinny Monastery Appealed to Trump to Defend Them Against the Attacks of Ukrainian Radicals

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The vicar of the Church of the Tithes of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church appealed to the American President Donald Trump, asking to defend the monastery against the lawlessness of Ukrainian radicals.

“The vicar of the Church of the Tithes of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church archimandrite Gideon (Charon) – a US citizen and order bearer (he served in California, was a chaplain on a ship of US Navy, and was awarded a governmental award) – appealed on behalf of the brotherhood of the church (among it there are three Americans) and the tithe community among Kiev’s residents to the President Trump with a call to defend them against lawlessness and arbitrariness,” wrote the press secretary of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church Vasily Anisimov in an article published on Friday on the “Interfax Religion” website.

According to him, a similar request was sent to fellow American orthodox brothers in faith – the US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and the US Ambassador in Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch.

The church of the Dormition of the Theotokos Tithe is the first stone church of Ancient Rus built by the Chersonese Greeks under the Holy Great Prince Vladimir, Equal of the Apostles.

The representative of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church reminded that last week, on January 25th, militants firstly tried to set fire to the church, having dragged canisters with gasoline to it, and then cut the information stand using a circular saw, insulting and threatening the priests.

The police arrested two instigators, for who the investigative judge Tatyana Levitskaya determined arrest with the right to bail, however she reported that her, her family, and her children were subjected to intimidation by the militants, noted the interlocutor of the agency.

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The militants themselves urged brothers-in-arms from similar groups to unite and demolish the church from the face of the earth.

“Why today did not only pagan fire worshippers, who collect signatures for petitions to ban the community, but also militants who have gone through the ATO, and even people’s deputies have again rise against the church? Poroshenko supporter Grigory Shverk claims that pouring gasoline on the Orthodox church is just a performance, harmless art of drawing attention to the problem. Does Grigory Shverk know that such ‘performances’ led to ‘Kristallnacht’ in Europe, when in Berlin ten synagogues were burnt, in Vienna – 40, and then they continued with Babi Yar and Auschwitz? Instead of condemning the obvious arbitrariness against Christ’s Church and freedom of conscience, everyone only giggles, mocks, and spurs it on: wow, how priests were frightened! Being intoxicated from impunity leads to universal infringements of the law concerning Orthodox Christians. And the authorities are even glad: let dissatisfied persons fight against churchmen, the Russian world, tilting at windmills, the fifth column, etc., but just not with it, darling. When you read, see, and understand that there is nobody to intercede for the Christians. Except the far-away and almighty Trump. It means that abroad will help us again. And who else?” wrote the speaker of Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

“And this on the eve of a ‘prayful breakfast’ with the participation of the US President Donald Trump on February 8th in Washington. And a delegation of Ukrainian politicians at the scene of the event. The echo promises to be loud. All over the world,” wrote the political scientist Aleksey Yakubin.

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