Details of the Eradication of the “Misanthropic Division” Cell in Donetsk

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Recently in Donetsk six members were arrested from the neo-Nazi Ukrainian organization “Misanthropic Division”, whose leaders had earlier claimed responsibility for the murder of the legendary commander of the “Sparta” battalion Arseny Pavlov, better known as “Motorola”.

In the message of the Ministry of State Security there is no mention that these people are directly involved in the murder of Motorola. In private conversations there were also no comments. However, it is said that on this fact a criminal case has been opened.

“Currently, operational investigative actions are being carried out on the detainees, they gave evidences about the circumstances of the commission of crimes of a terrorist and extremist nature. Activists of Misanthropic Division maintained contact with staff members of the SBU and performed the tasks of the Ukrainian Secret Services on the territory of the Republic,” stated the message.

Here’s fresh video of the interrogation of three activists of “Misanthropic Division” and the search:

In the video of the detention of one of the suspects, Aleksander N., born in 1997, said that he created a local cell of Misanthropic Division. He admitted that he had been in contact with the Kiev headquarters of the organization. Supporters were recruited mainly through social networks.

Another young man, Ernest P., born in 1997, reported that he went to the West of Ukraine, where received military training in the “Azov” battalion.

Also the Ministry of State Security published a video of the searches, where it can be seen that in the house of the detainees bullets and, presumably, plastic explosives were found. The substance was sent for examination.

The situation with Ukrainian agents on the territory of the Republics is really terrifying. It is possible to say it out loud, but saying it is possible and necessary. Because only after the murder of Motorola did our favourite security officials take this problem seriously. Before that… well, probably, they thought there was too many multi-headed Hydra to deal with They were afraid of sinking in the fight against “domestic separatists”, becoming the twins of the SBU? No, there is no doubt: investigations were conducted, were exposed, detained, but the Hydra remained a Hydra.

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According to the Ministry of State Security, the sabotage activities of the arrested Nazis were supervised by the Security Service and were part of a larger plan to destabilize the situation in the Republics. Quote: “It is established that all terrorist and sabotage operations in the DPR and LPR  are carried out by the SBU in the framework of the approved operational plan, the purpose of which is to intensify the internal contradictions between the leaders of the republics of Donbass, and the creation of prerequisites and conditions for a confrontation between them.”

Great news. And as if we didn’t know. Although there is no: in reality, for example, many Russian liberals are still furiously arguing to prove that agents of the SBU are not present, but only “kids with grenades”, patriotically orientated youth, which exclusively protests against the bloody regime because of noble and high objectives.

Well: there we have it. There are quite real Ukrainian agents, who work with the Security Service of Ukraine and conduct real terrorist acts. For example, placing explosives in the elevator of a residential building.

And this factor, this danger should not be underestimated. With the hands of this same “kids with grenades” the SBU may arrange, in principle, any act of terrorism. And then to abandon them, flush them, to shrug their shoulders: well, we are here for nothing, it is our patriot-loners, we can only… well, for example, give them warm clothes for the winter. (Recently the Ukrainian side broke the exchange of prisoners, but asked to give their captured soldiers winter warm clothes; an awesome alternative). So here we are. Here also they will help with maximum warm clothes. And there will be more attacks, and with human victims.

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So, of course, there is a need to check “kids with grenades” who proudly spread on social networks photos from Donetsk with the Ukrainian flag. We have in fact a very democratic Republic, you can express support for Ukraine three hundred times, and nothing will happen to you as a result. And it is correct, and good. In this the LDPR is fundamentally different from Ukraine, where “homebound separatists” are given real prison terms. But with the network of Ukrainian agents, who peacefully live in the republics, it is necessary to fight.

Now the process has begun. This is good.

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