The Details of the Overnight Explosion in Lugansk – Kiev’s Latest Provocation

Translated by Ollie Richardson


In the near future the authorities of the Lugansk People’s Republic will be engaged in the restoration of the destroyed Cossack figure (according to other information – the figure of a militiaman) that, in the night of July 31st, was badly damaged after an explosion took place near the monument to the dead soldiers of the LPR “They stood up for their Motherland”. This was stated by the former speaker of the parliament of Novorossiya Oleg Tsarev to the correspondent of Federal News Agency.

Last night in the center of the capital of the Lugansk People’s Republic unknown persons planted and then detonated an explosive device on one of the figures of the well-known memorable symbol. According to Tsarev, the greatest damage was sustained by the figure of one of the soldier-defenders and partially the map of the LPR. In some places the explosion literally pulled out a stone and bent the fittings that make up the monument’s framework.

[Footage of the overnight explosion’s aftermath – August 1st, 2017]

“The monument consists of several sculptures. During the explosion one of them sustained considerable damage — the charge was rather strong, I’m not sure exactly to what extent, but judging by the damage, the charge was powerful. The Cossack suffered damage, the map was partially damaged. Fortunately the other figures remain intact. But nobody will leave the monument destroyed, an assessment of the damage and the issue of its restoration is currently being carried out – it is one of the symbols of the People’s Republic,” reported the politician.

According to Tsarev, now the Ministry of State Security of the Lugansk People’s Republic is conducting an active search for the perpetrators of the explosion. The politician is sure that the special services of the LPR have information on the one who did it, however in the interests of the investigation this information wasn’t disclosed.

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As a reminder, the memorable symbol in honor of the perished soldiers of the People’s Republics “They stood up for their Motherland” was established in the “Friendship of people” park in May, 2015. On the night of September 1st, 2016, the monument was blown up by unknown persons, and also then the sculpture sustained damaged. The authorities of the LPR called the incident a terrorist attack.

[Footage of the aftermath of the incident from September 1st, 2016]

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