Detained for Coup Attempt, Plotnitsky Advisor Commits Suicide

Translated by Ollie Richardson


The adviser to the head of the LPR Gennady Tsypkalov, detained on the case of an attempted coup in the Republic, has committed suicide. This was reported by local mass media with reference to the head of department on supervision of observance of laws in the military sphere of the State Office of Public Prosecutor of LPR Sergey Rakhno.

“Tonight the detainee Tsypkalov, having possibly realized the depth of the criminal acts and having realized that the information provided about a circle of people participating in plot for the purpose of overthrow of the legitimate authority in the Republic is certainly dangerous to his life, and that attempts at his physical elimination by the at large conspirators will be made, committed suicide. Now his body is being examined by investigators and experts. The body was sent for a forensic medical examination for the purpose of establishing an exact cause of death,” Rakhno told.

Today Tsypkalov was due to be interrogated and a direct confrontation with other detainee – one of the heads of the LPR militia Kiselyov – was arranged. It was assumed that the court would choose a measure of restrain for the adviser of Plotnitsky during the investigation procedure.

As a reminder, on September 20th, Igor Plotnitsky announced a prevented coup attempt. It was noted that it was organized by “the Kiev regime”.

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