Detained Ukrainian Spotters Were Shown the Scene Where Their “Help” Killed Children in Brilyovka

NEW – August 20, 2022

Ukrainian militants hit targets from a HIMARS installation. Seven residents of Brilyovka, including children, were killed.

Shocking details of the UAF’s strike on Brilyovka in the Kherson region have been revealed today. The victims of the attack at the end of July were seven people, including children. An entire family burned alive in their own house after an American missile from a HIMARS installation hit it. It turned out that the spotters were local residents. They were detained and brought to Brilyovka for an investigative experiment. The details will be told by the correspondent of “Izvestiya” Leonid Kitrar.

Murder of residents of Brilyovka

Oleg and Denis Guzye are volunteers who helped the Ukrainian army to aim missiles. Both of them saw the consequences of their work live for the first time.

“If it were possible, I would change everything. I would never do such a thing,” the spotter says and sobs.

A whole family with several children burned alive in this basement. But the worst thing is that both Denis and Oleg knew them. They themselves come from a neighbouring village.

It is about 80 kilometres from here to the place where the fighting is taking place. Brilyovka is a rear village, but nevertheless it is here that an important junction railway station is located. Apparently, this is the reason why the station and half of the village became a target for the UAF. The station no longer exists, as well as several dozen houses.

“I will never forgive you”

Denis is married to a girl from Brilyovka. His mother-in-law’s house turned into ruins, as well as all buildings within a radius of 100 meters. However, his relatives survived, unlike other people.

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“You’ve ruined my whole family. You went, indicated to the soldiers, where they then torched. You’ve been seeing everything. You’ve grown up here from such an age,” a resident of Brilyovka reproaches the spotters.

It is now both brothers and a girl kneeling in front of elderly women and asking for forgiveness for killing their families. And immediately after the missile attack, together with the Ukrainian media, they rejoiced that they had destroyed an important railway junction and, perhaps, caused at least some damage to the Russian army.

“I will never forgive you. I will never forgive you in my life. And there God is your judge,” the woman says.

Helping the UAF turned into a curse

Both brothers volunteered to work as spotters voluntarily and for free. The curator from the UAF informed them that they just need to put the phone with geolocation turned on somewhere at the station and run.

“I put the phone under the coupling, it happens. I put the phone down, checked that it was on, and left so that no one could see me,” says one of the brothers.

A few hours later, the Ukrainian army hit the station. Apparently, three or four HIMARS missiles arrived at the station. The striking force can be judged by the destroyed buildings. But apart from them, the houses are clearly visible there: the first two streets were also damaged.

Repairing the tracks at the station is a matter of several hours. The Ukrainian army failed to disable it for a long time, but the lives of seven people cannot be returned

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“I beg you, don’t do this ever again in your life. Don’t listen to those Ukrainian propagandists. Please don’t. You are making things worse only for yourself and your family,” the spotter is only now realising the whole nightmare of “helping”.

The help of the UAF turned into an eternal curse for Oleg, Denis and his wife. Now, even after trial and imprisonment, they are unlikely to be able to return to the village. Their act will always be remembered here.

In this whole story, the psychological aspect is also important. The detainees are crying, kneeling, declaring their readiness to atone for their guilt. But there is still a certain insincerity behind this. If I may say so – Banderist lies. After all, as soon as Kirill Stremousov, Deputy Head of the civil-military administration of the Kherson region, says that they can be sent to the DPR, where a fair trial will await them, they immediately begin to play up and the words about their readiness to atone for guilt with blood disappear from their speech.


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