Dialogue With an Impudent Ukrainian Prisoner From “Azovstal”

NEW – May 25, 2022

The DPR Ministry of Internal Affairs continues to publish videos about Ukrainian servicemen and militants who came out from the “Azovstal” plant in Mariupol and surrendered. It is noteworthy that some who capitulated, apparently, still do not fully understand what happened to them, and seriously believe that they “evacuated”.

One of the prisoners behaves quite impudently, answering questions during a preliminary conversation. This is a serviceman of the 25th Separate Airborne Assault Brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, who stated that he was a “signalman”.

A representative of the law enforcement agencies of the Republic asks him how he feels about what happened to Volnovakha, where the representative of the Ukrainian Armed Forces himself comes from and where his relatives are. When answering, he says that he “does not feels anything… since this is war”.


Do you have a girlfriend? Where is she living?


In the Volnovakha district.

Then he is invited to inform his girlfriend that he is alive and well, but he does not do this, stating that he will call her himself and tell her everything.

Representative of the DPR Ministry of Internal Affairs:

Will you call, tell me? Well, try…

Attempts to be impudent are explained by the fact that those who came out of the basements of the plant, apparently, seriously believe that they are not in captivity, and that they will now be handed over to the Ukrainian side. One of those who came out, answering the question why he needed as many as two backpacks of personal belongings, seriously said: “So I’m going home”. It was gently hinted to him that he would be able to go home, for example, in 10-15 years.

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Exit of a group of “Azovstal” prisoners the day prior:

Earlier, Denis Pushilin, the head of the DPR, said that a tribunal for the militants who were at the “Azovstal” plant in Mariupol was inevitable.

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