Diamonds the Anglo Saxons Won’t Dare to Loot!

By Ollie Richardson

As is known by the majority of inhabitants on planet earth, whether though a school education, television adverts from the likes of UNICEF, or general inquisitivness, there is a very serious wealth disparity concerning various continents – both eastern and western. This disparity finds its roots in the level of absolute poverty engulfing entire countries, which in turn is ultimately caused by a) the spending of public taxes on fulfilling illegal foreign policy objectives, and b) a down-top domestic economic model.

For example, the real reason for the decline of the Anglosaxon empire was the insistence on spreading the liberal ideology as far and wide as possible, even when at times this illogical desire would sacrifice more than what was gained. Even though Britain was bankrupt before WW1, this did not stop the government at the time from begging JP Morgan for a loan, enough to cover the initial assault on the Kaiser’s Germany, whose economic momentum would surely have overtaken that of Britain. The entire GDP of Britain would forever be indebted to American banks, thus resulting in the handing of the “superpower” baton to the United States.

In short, the British tax payer would forever be chained down by not only the domestic debt, but also by this insistence of the “elites” to interfere in other countries that have a system in place other than Liberalism. Of course, not every attempt at installing the liberal ideology was successful, and the Russian revolution in 1917 is a prime example of when the masses are able to take control of the helm and steer the ship towards calmer seas.

Historically speaking, the Middle East has always been a place where the Anglo Saxon empire could not only interefere in the affairs of others, but also totally overthrow the ruling power and install a “puppet” who favours the liberal ideology, and subsequently will hand over natural resources in command. The method of achieving this at first involved subversion, but as technology progressed other, more forceful methods were used – ranging from the basic framework of a coup d’etat (1953 removal of the Mossadegh government) to a full-blown military incursion (Operation Red Dawn in 2003).

A resident of Tehran washes “Yankee Go Home” graffiti from a wall in the capital city of Iran, Aug. 21, 1953. The new Premier Gen. Fazlollah Zahedi requested the clean-up after the coup d’etat which restored the Shah of Iran in power (AP Photo)

However, the Middle East certainly did put up a fight whenever “Uncle Sam” or Queen Elizabeth came knocking, which is perhaps why the partition lines created by the Sykes-Picot agreement began to fade with time (occupied nations shedding the harness of the foreign mandate). The most current example of Bashar al-Assad resisting the western-backed attempts to remove him from power demonstrates rather well what happens when years upon years of massacring nation after nation starts to attract the wrath of horrified observers (Today Egypt is resisting Saudi Arabia – an Anglo proxy – and has opted to offer some stability to the anglo-created Sunni-Shia schism).

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One such continent that was not able to show resistance to the Commonwealth & Co’s pillaging efforts is Africa. This is mainly because the process of debilitation started long before the most powerful assault on the Middle East (the annexing of Palestine). Modern day motion pictures like “12 Years a Slave” offer viewers a retroperspective experience of the western world’s slavery business, which not only looted the continents natural resources, but also created an eternal division of human beings based on biology.

Fast-forward to 2017, and Africa has become like the little child at school who is guaranteed to hand over their lunch money. The big bully in this instance is AFRICOM (United States Africa Command)  – a criminal racket that is tasked by the Pentagon with keeping the continent of Africa as a field-servant; an arena where weapons and drugs (like Latin America) can be smuggled in every direction the compass can point, courtesy of the US proxy Boko Haram.

So-called “first world” countries are able to function day-to-day, despite their GDP-to-debt ratio being astronomical (US’ ratio is over 100%, Japan’s is the highest at 120% – ironic isn’t it?), due to the IMF’s shackling of Africa. US corporations own most, if not all, means of production, which for countries like Niger means copper mines. Any local politician who threatens to defeat the western-installed puppet at the ballot box is either assassinated beforehand or is removed (should they win the election) afterwards. The number of coups in Africa per year can enter triple digits, but most of the time an assassination is sufficient. A widely known example is Patrice Lumumba of the Congo, who paid with his life in 1961 when he turned his back on the west and reached out a hand to the USSR. As the topic of US operations in Africa is beyond the scope of this article, and the mainstream media remains totally silent about daily ongoings there (except when support is needed to bomb Libya into the stone age – how dare Gaddafi stabalise the region!), keen readers can turn to The Intercept and/or the books written by Nick Turse for much more detail.

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So, how can the aforementioned information explain the west’s hostility towards Russia? Well, initially it really was a Liberalism vs Communism themed conflict. The west tried their best to keep the Tsar’s White Guard in power, but alas the Bolshevik revolution contained overwhelming energy. Funding Hitler and Operation Barbarossa still wasn’t enough – the Nazi war machine fled with its tail between its legs. And today NATO is parked on Russia’s doorstep, baiting Putin into making a fatal error (with a little help from hysterical fifth column crybabies on social media). What exactly do the Anglosaxons want, aside from the total extermination of the slavic nation? According to recent estimates, it is Russia, not Africa, that possesses the highest number of natural resources. For example, in 2014, Russia extracted 38-39 million carats of diamonds, compared to Botswana, which produces 23.2 million carats, the Congo – 15.7, Zimbabwe – 10.4, Angola – 7, South Africa – 8.1, and Namibia – 1.6.

Queen Elizabeth II and her Reich must salivate at the thought of exhibiting diamonds looted from Russia – the ones in her crown from John White’s trip to Roanoke must be looking the worst for wear… So what’s the problem, dear? Come get them! What’s stopping you? Your NATO thugs are within a spitting distance – just send the Leopards and Abrahms across the border, or put that “wonderful” F-35 II toy in action! In Africa it was easy, and now drones ensure that the deliveries to the Albion are regular, so what’s the hold up?

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Well, what will most likely happen can only be described as annihilation. Any Lockheed or Boeing toys would be swatted like flies by the S-400, Pantsir, and Bastion/Iskander systems. Any “tried and tested in Yemen” tanks would be sent into orbit by the Armata. Any ICBM launched by the Pentagon would be detected and shot down before it even graced the Atlantic. And any nuke… well, it’s better not said. So come on Lizzy, Russia is ready and waiting. Putin will even gift wrap the diamond, and place it 100 yards across the border. You can even come collect it from Yekaterinburg in the Yeltsin Centre you funded. Either way, Russia wants to know your decision. Based on your performance in Syria, you won’t be coming to Tehran, let alone Moscow. Russia is undefeated for a reason. Continue to send cannon fodder to the Baltic’s for some GI Joe style reminscing of the good o(i)l’ golden days, when entire landmasses would keel and kiss your feet. The Russian people will do no such thing – something your useful pawn Hitler found out the hard way.

The diamonds in this crown actually came from South Africa!

One thing is for sure – there will be no violins when the RMS Anglosaxon finally meets its watery grave. And it won’t be just Russia who celebrates this landmark event, but humanity as a whole, which is beyond tired after seemingly endless decades of aggression and spiritual corruption.

Thou shall not pass!


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