Diaries of Goebbles to be Published in Ukraine

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard




Diaries of one of the leaders of Nazi Germany, the ideologist of Nazism Joseph Goebbels (1897−1945) will be issued in Ukrainian. The book will be published by the Kharkov “Folio” publishing house, writes Kharkiv Today.

The memoirs cover the last years of the life of Goebbels. The CEO and owner of the “Folio” publishing house Aleksandr Krasovitsky considers that “this book is necessary for Ukrainian society”.

“The main ideologist of Nazism, the almighty minister of propaganda for many years kept diary entries. Up to the beginning of 1945 there were about 15,000 pages. Today they are included in the number of such documents without knowledge and comprehension of which it is impossible to create a complete idea of German national socialism.

The diaries of 1944−1945 are the most valuable part of the records of Goebbels,” it is said in the summary to the book.

In Russia the book “Joseph Goebbels. Diaries of 1945. The last records” is included in the federal list of extremist materials by the court’s decision.

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