Diehard Banderist Vyatrovich Gave a Progress Report on Ukraine’s “Decommunisation”

Nearly 900 cities and 52,000 streets were renamed in Ukraine within the framework of decommunisation, reported the head of the Ukrainian Institute of National Memory Vladimir Vyatrovich on his Facebook page.

“Decommunisation became a reform that was the subject of the largest public discussion in the country. We tried to solve and we solved how to name or return the ancient names to 52,000 streets, 989 cities, 26 districts, but also — squares, mountains, rivers,” wrote Vyatrovich.

As a reminder, the law “on the condemnation of communist and Nazi regimes”, forbidding the promotion of Soviet symbols, has acted in Ukraine since May 2015. It stipulates, in particular, the renaming of the cities and streets named in honour of Soviet statesmen.

The Institute of National Memory published a list of 520 historic figures whose activity falls under the operation of the law “on decommunisation” and therefore their names have to disappear from geographical names.

It is noteworthy that in the promotional video Vladimir Vyatrovich doesn’t say how total decommunisation improved the life of Ukrainians.

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