Diffusion of Responsibility: The European Union Flees The Crime Scenes in Syria & Ukraine

By Ollie Richardson

The West needs a scapegoat fully prepared for deployment in the information space before more and more people become aware of who exactly Brussels was aiding and abetting in Ukraine and Syria…

The US and its EU vassal find themselves bankrupt and leaving empty-handed after 6 years of war in Syria. The hope was to carve the country up – exactly like Sykes-Picot – and to help Israel expand. That hasn’t happened, and in fact the West not only undid its work in collapsing the USSR and crippling the Russian nation in general, but it solidified the spiritual Shia crescent (Beirut-Damascus-Tehran-Baghdad) in the region and gave Russia bonus chess pieces (Crimea, Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, Turkish Stream etc). So now the plan for the Anglo-Saxons is to withdraw for a while, recuperate (repair domestic economies and the EU bloc), and then come back for another bite at the cherry.

Why retreat? Because it became increasingly obvious that attacking Assad in Syria via terrorist proxies is now having a direct boomerang effect, i.e. this causes Tehran (the enemy of Israel – the main string-puller of western militaries) to come closer to Damascus and to become stronger in the process.

Of course, Europe doesn’t intend to just concede defeat in the information war, although in reality it would be better to just admit that many things were tried, and none worked – like Qatar’s admission that their support for terrorists in Syria didn’t bear any fruits. In terms of personal whitewashing, Trump already has a good excuse – Obama did it. Merkel can’t blame anyone due to the loaded gun being pointed to her head – the newly-extended US anti-Russian sanctions will actually hurt Berlin more than Moscow. Theresa May also has an excuse prepared – Cameron did it. And Macron? After affirming that “Assad can stay”, his excuse followed:

“France was wrong to join the war in Libya. What were the outcomes of these invasions? Destroyed countries in which terrorist groups thrive. I do not want that to happen in Syria…”

In other words – Sarkozy and Hollande did it (even though Macron worked for the latter). Passing the blame to the predecessor is the easiest, and frankly the only option available to the aforementioned beacons of liberalism. This technique works when the electorate digested a sufficient amount of lies and is fully submitted by the divide and conquer strategy.

The West’s post 9/11 incursion in the Middle East was supplemented by the opening of the Ukrainian front, which would serve as a way to swamp Moscow enough to prevent it from entering Syria at full strength. This has also failed, and the bankruptcy boomerang is about the hit the EU with the force of the sun. That’s why there is a need to withdraw from this arena simultaneously with the Syrian one, to save face, and to continue to insist that liberalism is not a rotting corpse.

Thus, the EU’s Ukrainian narrative for the consumption of tax payers has changed from “nothing to see here, move along (p.s. Russia did it)” to “okay, yes there are some nazis, but we didn’t engage with them, honest (p.s. Russia did it)” in the space of 3 years – coincidentally the same amount of time that Poroshenko has been in power!

When Viktor Yanukovych was illegally ousted from office by the US and friends, all the western media, without exception, followed the same script. Russia is the guilty party, which tries to stop Ukraine from fulfilling its “European dream”, and thus injected some troops into the east of the country at the same time as “annexing” Crimea – all in the name of “recreating the Russian empire”.

This line served its purpose for two years, whilst the grand game was being played – Russia and friends vs US and friends in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan Yemen, Africa, South America, South Ossetia, Nagorno Karabakh etc. Then as the war in Donbass reached its apogee, and the Minsk Agreements declared checkmate to Russia, the elephants in the room could no longer be covered up anymore.

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Thus, as part of the package of measures to ensure a safe escape from the latest destroyed “European” country, media and politicians all over Europe magically started to “notice” some unsavoury things going on in Ukraine: hostility to any other language that isn’t Ukrainian, anti-Jew sentiment (even Savchenko casually used a pejorative word to describe Jews in an interview), so-called “homophobia” (radicals disrupting annual LGBT parades), anti-Polish sentiment (which resulted in the Lvov-Warsaw road being blocked by protestors on the Polish side of the border, and also a grenade attack on the Ukrainian embassy in Lvov), stories of officials being detained for “corruption” (a word like “terrorism”, which can be used against anyone for the right fee), and sightings of swastikas on helmets of soldiers in the so-called “anti-terrorist operation”).

And here is where the article of Le Monde from 24th June, 2017, entitled The Extreme-Right Increased its Influence in Ukraine serves as a demonstration of how the EU plans to cover up both its own footprints and the smell of fascism coming from Kiev – by lying… a lot:

Lie: the radicals apparently appeared from thin air, and are interfering with the ability of Poroshenko’s government to govern the country effectively. 

“In a political landscape like a field of ruins, far-right ultra-nationalist Ukrainians play the strategy of the grand stunt,” writes Le Monde.

The article mentions the incident at the Lebanese cafe in Kiev, where neo-nazis from various groups, including Misanthropic Division, demanded that the cafe drop the Russian language and names from the menus, but of course it is reported in such a way that it’s not the Russian language that is being removed, but the Ukrainian language being over-imposed.

The article then mentions the nazis blocking Russian banks, without actually explaining what Sberbank is and who owns it, and also the blockade of Donbass, which, according to Le Monde’s phrasing in the context as a whole, Poroshenko reluctantly legalised under the radicals’ pressure.

Lie: Neo-Nazi’s from “Azov”“Right Sector”, “Svoboda”, Aidar, C14, etc are victims of “Russian aggression”. Why? because there is a need to maintain the “Russia is the enemy” narrative of the past 3 years:

“…Svoboda, the nationalist party, the oldest, with its five Deputies; National Corpus, which has the wind in its sails and boasts 10,000 supporters; Right Sector, a political and paramilitary organization, a privileged target of Russian propaganda but at a reduced speed.”

So already there is a contradiction – the radicals are to blame for the mess in Ukraine, but they are just victims of evil Russia. Using this logic Hitler’s men could be both blamed for persecutions inside Germany itself and receive sympathy for being the subject of Soviet counter-propaganda. In describing the “Azov” battalion Le Monde admits that figures such as Biletsky are “neo-Nazi”, but where was this recognition in February of 2014? Sure, words like “ultra-nationalist” were and still are used, but where is the reference to Bandera and the SS “Galicia” division? Amazingly, Le Monde manages to link “Right Sector” to Russia in the following sentence:

“National Corpus, native to Kharkov, is well located in central Ukraine, while Right Sector is popular with Russian speakers.”

Apparently, the author of the article Benoît Vitkine has done primary research to confirm that “Right Sector” is mostly composed of Russian speakers…

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Lie: neo-Nazism is very marginal in Ukrainian society, and the State is completely European and “civilized”:

“Today, the polls do not give them much better than 5% in the run-up to the 2019 elections. Most of the time, their theses penetrate a population ‘sensitive to populism but resistant to any extremist discourse or hatred’ …The war has certainly legitimised the radicals, but society is very resilient in the face of violence … Since 2014, acts of racism and anti-semitism have been dropping steadily.”

And here we can see the beginning of the formulation of the narrative “okay, yes there are some nazis, but we didn’t engage with them, honest (p.s. Russia did it)”Since day one of the Ukrainian crisis, the State was presented as legitimate, European, and liberal, and this must continue in order to keep the EU members who sponsored the coup in a good light.

Lie: mentioning Ukrainian collaboration with Nazis during WW2 without mentioning the CIA’s involvement in OUN-UPA.

“(Poroshenko) also promotes a view of history that meets the extreme right, glorifying the legacy of nationalist fighters, some of whom were allied with nazi Germany in the fight against the Soviets.”

Clearly to cover up the topic of SS collaboration much longer isn’t viable, so it’s better to break the bad news to Western Europe now after thousands have died as a result of the coup before it becomes thousands plus one. And this is done by blaming Poroshenko, and not the entities that put him in power… And of course, Le Monde does not mention the support of the French government and lobbyists (Bernard-Henri Lévy) for factions that include people like Yury Shukhevych, the son of Roman Shukhevych – the leader of UPA.

“…an eventual alliance that the extreme right could conclude with groups of former combatants, non-ideological but followers of radical actions.”

This phrase is actually recycled from Syria, where so-called “moderate” rebel groups (for example, Nour al-Din al-Zenki) are “not ideologically committed” to the doctrines of al-Qaeda aligned groups (for example, Ahrar-al-Sham). This, of course, for anybody with an IQ greater than their shoe size is a flagrant lie. The Ukrainian Armed Forces are just as Nazi as “Right Sector”, “Azov”, or any other punisher formation involved in shelling peaceful civilians in Donbass. Le Monde and the European media as a whole is desperate to stress that “there are nazis in Ukraine (despite said presstitutes saying otherwise for the duration of the war thus far), but not many, only a handful”. 

CNN’s very own jihadist sympathiser Clarissa Ward trying to depict Ahrar al-Sham as “moderate”

Lie: “State security apparatus” is what determines if there is an armed “revolution” or not.

“The ultra-nationalist seem to be in reality too weak to hope to get anything done in the face of a security apparatus that finally became effective.”

Apparently, coups happen as a result of internal mechanisms, despite the whole of history testifying to the contrary. I.e. the West had no involvement in the events in Kiev in 2014. If that is true, then how can the Victoria Nuland phone recording, John McCain front row seat on Maidan, Bernard-Henri Lévy fist-pumping be explained? A casual vacation? But to give Le Monde credit, they are correct about one thing – Biletsky won’t be staging a coup, because the US under Trump isn’t interested in anything other than a legal change of power (the abandoning of Poroshenko).

Lie: Russia is to blame!

Well, this wouldn’t be a traditional western media publication without a conclusion that points the finger of blame firmly in the direction of Moscow. After using 13 paragraphs to try to offer a narrative that is warped, full of contradictions and blatant lies, and in general an insult to anyone who knows who Bandera is, the conclusion is presented:

“Added to this is the blur of the actual intentions of the leaders of the extreme right and their hidden allegiances. As a result of dubious combinations of Ukrainian politics, the radical groups have always been used by political or economic forces as a tool of pressure and influence. The battalion Azov was long funded by businessmen Sergei Taruta and then Igor Kolomoisky, an oligarch jew from Dnepropetrovsk. According to several sources, National Corpus is linked to the Interior Minister, Arsen Avakov, who appointed one of its members to the position of Deputy Chief of the National Police.

The ‘Russian factor’ blurs the cards. Since the 1940’s and 1950’s, Moscow has always infiltrated nationalist groups. Today, this infiltration serves the goals of propaganda of the Kremlin, prompt to describe a Ukraine in the hands of neo-nazis, but also to accentuate the risks of destabilization. Svoboda was long funded by the Party of regions of former President Viktor Yanukovych, himself a vassal of Moscow. Since 2014, at least four officers or members of far-right groups have been recognized as having links with the Russian services.”

Instead of trying to cover France’s footprints in the Maidan catastrophe, it would have been more preferable to just write a few words – “Russia is to blame for everything”. Firstly, to simply say that “Yanukovych was in bed with neo-Nazis, thus Russia was too” is a deliberate misrepresentation of the real dynamics of the pre-2014 Ukraine. This uses a special fallacy where a theme is presented as being complex, but at the same time a black and white explanation is given.

Bernard-Henri Lévy on a “business trip” on Maidan – note the “Svoboda” flags…

Secondly, which “nationalist groups” did Moscow infiltrate? Is Le Monde trying to whitewash Bandera’s collaboration with Hitler? Thirdly, there is no explanation about Kolomoisky’s or Taruta’s role in Ukraine. And finally, in reality there is no “blur”, but just like in Syria, the western media wants the consumer to believe there is one. This is the equivalent of saying “sorry, you are just too dumb to understand, just believe us journalists like a good obedient slave”.


The EU plans to sell the following paraphrased narrative in order to secure a safe exit from the Ukrainian mess they participated in creating, where thousands of people lost their lives and in a fratricidal war based on falsified history and the lust for dollars:

“There are nazi groups in Ukraine that may be connected to Hitler, but they are destabilisation tools of the Kremlin.”

There is no evidence of this, of course, just words, much like what was used to tie Putin to Trump – cartoons akin to the ones used to tie the 9/11 hijackers to Iraqi officials via an imaginary meeting in Prague, false documents from Niger, and of course test tubes of “anthrax”… Look, here is proof that Trump is a Putin puppet – some lines and circles!

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So that’s it – this is how the EU plans to escape from Ukraine, by twisting and turning facts so that they mould into an arrow aimed at the Kremlin. No explanation of X, Y, or Z, just a muddled mess riddled with contradictions. Was it ever possible to expect anything else? After all, such a technique has worked for the West since time immemorial… Thanks to Kiev’s visa-free regime the streets of Paris will be graced by the presence of the ghost of Maidan, which of course “was sent by Russian hackers”

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