“Disinformation”: US Embassy in Ukraine Hopes To Silence Biolab Revelations

The head of the US Embassy in Ukraine, Kristina Kvien, decided to take part in the titanic battle of the State Department authorities against “Russian fakes around the world”. Let’s just say that it turned out in the best traditions of the beautiful half of the American diplomatic corps in recent years, Jen Psaki, Samantha Power, Highly Likely … Oh, I’m sorry… Nikki Haley. On the Embassy’s website, she published an article entitled “We must all fight against disinformation”.

All the pearls brought out by the stream of consciousness and unconsciousness of Mrs. Kvien can be enjoyed here. We will focus on an issue of vital importance to the natives who are taught by the Big White Sister. Specifically, about the “fake about American Biolabs in Ukraine”: “Many false stories attacking Ukraine’s relations with the west and its reforms come directly from Russian sources. As was stated in a recent State Department report entitled ‘Major elements of Russian disinformation and propaganda’, the Kremlin regularly tries to sow discord in western societies, including Ukraine, weaken western institutions, promote marginal voices, and undermine our democratic ideals. It is no coincidence that we recently saw the ancient Russian disinformation – and outright lies – about ‘secret American biolabs’ was re-launched simultaneously in Georgia and Ukraine – two democratic countries that are implementing reforms and developing close ties with the west.”

What exactly “disinformation” is, we will consider below. But how Russian is it?

Back in the first half of the current decade, the Kiev weekly publication “2000” conducted a journalistic investigation related to these laboratories. In 2012, I personally announced the first results of this investigation to at least five Ministers of the Azarov government and a good dozen deputies of the then-ruling Party of Regions.

It was planned to base one of the laboratories in the Kharkov region. And even then, residents of the district centre of Merefa, desperate to get a response from the Ukrainian state administrations (from the presidential to local ones) to their letters demanding to stop the creation of a microbiological laboratory in the town, turned to the Consul of the Russian Federation: “On the territory of our city, work is being carried out for the design and construction of a central reference laboratory of the 3rd level of danger… The construction is funded by the US Department of Defence… We ask for your assistance in the framework of diplomatic cooperation in preventing the construction of a CRL 75 km from the border of the Russian Federation. For a virus, this is not a distance, it has no barriers.” The response of the Russian Federation is still unknown.

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In 2018, in connection with the revelations of the former Minister of State Security of Georgia (not the Russian Federation, please note) about the activities of Biolabs near Tbilisi, the topic of American Biolabs in Ukraine was again raised by Ukrainian politician Renat Kuzmin. As early as 2020, Medvedchuk started actively working to find out the nature of these laboratories. The Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Europe and Asia, George Kent, did not come up with anything better than to say that “Putin’s favourite Ukrainian politician introduced Russian disinformation into the game in Ukraine” regarding “American Biolabs”. But the only reason for Medvedchuk’s concern was the map published in… Bulgaria (a NATO country, let’s reveal it to American diplomats) of the location of biolaboratories in Ukraine.

Having closed the question about the “Russian origin” of “disinformation”, we will analyse its essence. Since the phrase “secret American biolaboratories” is quoted on the Embassy’s website, therefore, these laboratories are either not American, or not secret, or neither, but the most peaceful Ukrainian ones.

Well, let’s open the contract between the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine and – attention – the US Department of Defence, under which these “Ukrainian” laboratories were built (“modernised”). In it, the ultimate goal of the “collaboration” was to “connect Ukrainian laboratories to a single online system for monitoring diseases”. But back in 2013, it turned out that the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine was not “connected” to this program. “As for the creation of an electronic integration system for monitoring the spread of infectious diseases, for example, the Ministry of Healthcare explained to us that the Ministry has nothing to do with it,” the expert of “2000” Anton Sergienko found out. “A foreign electronic system introduced in government agencies transmits epidemiological data to the United States, and the Ministry of Healthcare concerning this are completely out of the loop. How does this comply with the provisions of the law ‘on information security in information and telecommunications systems’, which stipulates a comprehensive system of protection of such information?”.

In fact, we were talking about the fact that according to the 2005 “orange” contract, the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine is obliged to send to the US Department of Defence strains of pathogens that will appear as a result of research at these facilities. These results are secret. But this military secret is, so to speak, “one-sided”: if the results are considered secret by the Pentagon, they automatically become so in Ukraine. But if it is considered secret by Ukraine — then for everyone except the Pentagon.

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The Ukrainian Ministry of Healthcare says that Black & Veatch Special Projects Corp. was the US contractor for “Ukrainian laboratories”. But to what extent is this firm a “construction and assembly” one?

A little Bond:

On September 15th 2013, US citizen Anthony Bors, driving a Ford Escape jeep with US Embassy diplomatic license plates, had an accident in Kiev. When the traffic police arrived at the scene, the American was nowhere to be found. Bors left the keys to the car, a copy of his license, and a power of attorney to drive the car, and disappeared. The manager of the Kiev office of Black & Veatch came to pick up the car. On what basis did ordinary US citizens travel around Ukraine in Embassy cars (and, thus, under the cover of diplomatic immunity)? Moreover, 3.5 months before the incident, the accreditation period for Black & Veatch in Ukraine expired. However, according to “2000”, its activities were conducted informally (three dozen employees of the company “were on vacation at their own expense”). “And how can we not remember that for conducting intelligence activities in the host countries, Americans often use diplomatic cover: passports, accreditation cards, cars of embassies, consulates, etc.,” Sergienko wrote. And one of the commentators to his material (apparently knowledgeable) added: “In addition to Anthony Bors, cars with US diplomatic licence plates are sometimes driven by his countrymen — the same ‘mental biological labourers’ with ‘Black & Veatch’ as Matthew Webber (Vice President of the company) and his wife, Gary Plum (the so-called manager, lover of child pornography and group sex in the office), less often B. Oumete, B. Brooks, and the like.”

By this time, the “evil rule” of Yanukovych finally deigned to take an interest in the issue of “modernised” biolaboratories. On July 17th 2013, the first Deputy Minister of Economic Development of Ukraine A. Maksyuta informed the US Embassy that the veterinary service could not allow the introduction of laboratories into operation for a number of reasons. In short, the Americans, feeling like full masters of “God given earth”, simply hammered into all construction and sanitary standards, GOST, TU, etc. In other words, throughout the Yushchenko era, the Ukrainian side – from the leadership of the Ministry of Healthcare to the heads of laboratories themselves – did not know what exactly was being “modernised”, how and, most importantly, for what purposes.

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Not everyone put up with this in the orange years. So, when the Director of the Lugansk veterinary laboratory refused to sign the act of accepting work from an American subcontractor, Ambassador Tefft personally went to Lugansk. In response to the protest of the Director of the Lvov veterinary laboratory, the subcontractor changed the codes on the locks, so that none of the employees could get into the “modernised” room. Thus, the entire floor of the laboratory was inaccessible to the rightful owners. However, in some places, in violation of building regulations, shamelessly introduced items like “laboratory for guests”

In 2013, the facts of corruption in the activities of the pool of contractors, subcontractors, and experts were also revealed. And this is what was recorded in the transcript of the trial: “When someone from the Ministry of Healthcare was interested in the affairs of the American project, it immediately caused a negative reaction from the Americans in the form of a scandal at the level of the US Embassy in Ukraine and top officials of the state.”

Therefore, when the “top officials” in Ukraine were replaced, the contract with the US Department of Defence was not extended. “The agreement was secret, no one knew about it,” former Prime Minister Nikolay Azarov recalls today. “And all the Ukrainians who participated in its conclusion signed a non-disclosure agreement. When we came to power in 2010, we found out from an information letter from the Ministry of Healthcare that such laboratories exist in our country and operate. After that, the Ministry of Healthcare was instructed to give full information. During 2010-2011, the Ministry of Healthcare unsuccessfully wrote letters requesting access. In the end, under pressure, they (the Americans) allowed technical access to two or three laboratories: only to look at the corridors, ventilation, and so on. They did not give specific information. Correspondence followed, and in early 2013, it was decided to send a note to the Americans on the termination of the agreement… Such a letter was sent to them, an exchange of views followed, we offered to enter into negotiations, and a coup d’etat broke out.”

So, where is the disinformation? Is it already possible to remove the quotes from the phrase “secret American ones”. Or can we wait for the ambassador to whip herself again? Because there are other things we can add to it.

Dmitry Skvorstov

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