Disorder Is Not Enough – Liberals Are Preparing the First Death at Rallies in Moscow

Skirmishes with the police and mass oppositional disorder it seemed to be not enough – for greater staginess liberals are preparing the first death during protests. They already even “warned” law enforcement about it.

The “Echo of Moscow” journalist Sergey Parkhomenko wrote on Facebook that the police “purely statistically will not avoid the first death in the next few days”.

At first the opposition and liberal media actively stirred interest in protest actions, accusing the National Guard of the Russian Federation of organising mass disorder, but not itself. Appeals to participate in an unsanctioned rally or procession were replicated by the same “Echo of Moscow” every 30 minutes. Even the American Embassy and German publications joined the cause, and this already direct interference in the affairs of Russia.

Then liberals found for themselves a sacral victim – Darya Sosnovskaya, who was hit in the stomach whilst being detained during a rally on August 10th. The opposition literally broke free from the chain, accusing law enforcement of excessive cruelty and almost comparing them to the Gestapo and fascists. So with the help of liberal outlets she wanted dehumanise law enforcement bodies, having caused people to feel disgusted by them.

But, obviously, even with it a “magnificent bouquet” the protest finally deflated, and the opposition urgently needed new technologies for its next attack. It is precisely for this reason that threats in the style of “wait for the first death” appeared, having in advance shifted responsibility for this on the police. It is important to liberals to sensationalise the story that during protests people will perish allegedly at the hands of cruel National Guard soldiers, especially silent about the fact that the opposition is seeking trouble.

The sick fantasies of Parkhomenko are hardly fated to come true, but the goals of the journalist are transparent. In his own words, he calls on the intelligence agencies of the foreign states to participate in the implementation of a “mortal scenario” that completely corresponds to Maidan technologies.

In order to unleash a new protest, the opposition needs a strong sacral victim, and not some Darya Sosnovskaya. In the same Ukraine in 2014 the “heavenly hundred” became such a sacral victim, so “ours” by analogy want to find their own.

By the way, the followers of Parkhomenko did not appreciate his intentions.

“The ‘opposition’ urgently, immediately, as quickly as possible requires a sacred sacrifice. Even better if it’s a child. There will be something to raise on the banners with holes.”

“The conclusion of the post is the following: ‘it’s a pity nobody was killed’. It means that the next time they will finish off someone among their ‘shitty democrats’, there is need of a victim. But it’s precisely during such events that filming is being done from all angles, they will be taken immediately, and someone among those who make public appeals will immediately feel bad”.

And here the police should look narrowly at the developed events, and, perhaps, even disperse protesters more rigidly and more resolutely to avoid sad consequences. The National Guard of the Russian Federation worked very correctly and accurately during all the latest rallies, answering provokers only in extreme cases. It is impossible to give a free hand to liberals who want to involve foreign intelligence agencies in protests.

Olga Smertenko

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