Djukanovic Issues Ultimatum to Bosniacs

By News Front

Consultations of various political forces on the possible formation of coalitions in the parliament continue in Podgorica. Despite the lack of official information on reached agreements during the negotiations, the DPS representatives are already talking about an alliance with the Bosniacs as a done deal.

Our source close to the Prime Minister confirmed that Milo Djukanovic “is very enthusiastic about it”. The head of the government assured that the Bosniacs have no other choice but an alliance with the DPS to avoid being left behind of the political process.

In general, Milo Djukanovic is quite skeptical about the role and importance of “dwarf parties” – representatives of the national minorities during the creation of the future cabinet. According to him, in the current post-election situation, they only have to meekly accept any DPS’s offers even if they are ultimative by nature.

The same tough attitude Djukanovic takes when it comes to the Croats and Albanians.

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