Dmitry Vasilets From Jail: We Need to Become a Team!

Translated by Ollie Richardson


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Hello friends! This blog post will be devoted to consolidating our joint efforts in countering political repression.

At the moment the lawlessness of the authorities towards us went so far that the court’s decision on my case depends not on the legislative plane any more, but on public opinion. People with different political views and beliefs united around our case. I believe that the main thing that unites all of us is the fight for justice against the stupid repressive apparatus of the dictatorship, which creates total lawlessness.

Thanks a lot to everyone who supports and fights for us, especially at such a time when posts on a social network that contain any criticism of the regime can lead to prison. Thanks to all human rights organizations, the UN, OSCE, especially to journalists – who risk their necks and give publicity to our case, bloggers, public figures, activists, politicians, to list all the names of the organisations would take a long time.

I ask all of you, for the purpose of consolidating our efforts and so that your work on our release has maximum efficiency, to contact my lawyer Natalia Voznyuk regarding all case issues, and from now on to obtain all information about the case only from her. I completely trust the group of my defenders and am sure that if all of us coordinate our efforts, then the efficiency of our combined actions will increase manyfold.

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There is a need for this purpose to nullify all discrepancies and also the enormous pressure and manipulations of the SBU. Even a post on a social network can help us and do much harm to them, the same concerns appeals somewhere, therefore I urge all to coordinate information on our case and also actions with the representative of the group of lawyers that defend us, namely Natalia Voznyuk.

It is sure that by coordinating efforts together we will be able to win using the legal method and gain invaluable experience for the future. Many thanks in advance to all!

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