Dmitry Vasilets From Jail: In Violation of Constitution, SBU Decides Who Is Guilty or Not

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Dmitry Vasilets 


Dmitry Vasilets. Blog #30

My assertion, that the SBU primarily and completely control the judges in my procedure and factually dictate to the judges what verdict they should reach for me, was fully confirmed during the last two hearings, on 3rd and 6th October 2016. Thank God that journalists and activists came to court to fix this mess, which was organized by the staff of the Zhitomir SBU. As well in the courtroom, also in the jury room with the judges, employees of the SBU were present all the time, eliminating the possibility of the judges to adopt, in relation to me, a legitimate solution!

All those who came to see me at the judgment seat were able to see firsthand the violations of the law, starting from the illegal presence of unauthorized SBU persons in the jury room of the judges, ending with the banal disregard for the law by the judges themselves, such as Zaitsev, Dubtsov, and Khutornaya. It was obvious to everyone present at the judgment that the decision was made not by the judges, but a handful of SBU members, which hold judges “by the throat”, while the law, the arguments of lawyers, common sense, logic, and justice are not taken into account at all!

According to our Constitution, the courts are an independent branch of power, but during their last two hearings, I, and all present, were convinced that the Zhitomir SBU and Berdichev judges simply spit on about the Constitution of Ukraine, because they are the Law, and it’s them who decide who is guilty and who is not. There is no sense in proving anything to the SBU repressive apparatus, which put the judges under their shoes, they know very well that I’m innocent, but repression is repression, and if the SBU leaders decided to repress someone, they’ll do it. The Constitution and Law is not a Ukase. In short, they are scum!!! That’s what I think about them.

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Centre for Freedom of Speech

We present to the public photos of the “SBU official”, who has openly violated the Constitution of Ukraine during the court hearing on 06.10.16 in the case of opposition journalist and human rights activist Dmitry Vasilets and cameraman Evgeny Timonin.

It is this man who forced the judges Zaitsev, Dubtsov, and Khutornaya, with help of the “magic SBU ID card”, to violate the law and to leave the young men behind bars for another two months! This person didn’t act alone but with a unit of the Zhitomir SBU members, which helped him to control the hearing in Berdichev court. He refused to give his name or produce documents, but during the meeting Dmitry Vasilets visually recognized him and asked him to leave the courtroom so the court could make a legal decision. Dmitry’s request was ignored by the court. According to witnesses, it is exactly this man who went to the judges in the jury room to explain to the judges what decision they have to make. Help us to recognise this SBU member, which controls Berdichev judges, let “fame and glory” find him! But seriously, his information is needed to notify the main Department of the SBU on violations of the Constitution and the lawlessness of some “employees” in the region.


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