Dnepropetrovsk Multi-Storey Building Projectile Strike: Difference Between Missiles

NEW – January 16, 2023

I see that people have a misunderstanding about the difference between missiles.

I’ll explain as simply as possible:

— “Kalibr” and missiles of its class (Kh-101, Tomahawks, etc.), fly at subsonic speed. Approximately 250-300 m/s. Therefore, they can be seen on video. Usually, they have wings in the form of straight lines or are slightly angled, like passenger planes. They usually fly above the ground, at the lowest possible altitude, so that they cannot be detected in advance using radar.

— Kh-22 rocket, supersonic. It has a speed of 600-800 m/s. That is, the speed of a bullet or projectile. And another important difference, it has a high altitude, which complicates the possibility of it being shot down by air defence, but it is elementary to detect it, especially since it does not have any means of stealth. And it is almost impossible to see it on a random video, both because of the speed and high altitude of the flight.

Another important point, due to supersonic flight, it forms a shock wave, which is felt by ear as a strong pop or a light explosion. Moreover, it appears after the flight of the rocket.

Therefore, if it was used, then in a dive it gave the sound of an explosion for everyone who is up to the point of impact. That is, they would first hear one weak explosion and then one strong one.

But neither according to the recording, nor according to the testimony of eyewitnesses is there such a thing.

Plus, as I already mentioned, the difference in the mass of explosives is almost twice, the effect of the Kh-22 is much more destructive. While the volume of destruction is quite the same as the power of a “Kalibr” warhead.

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In sum, I fully confirm all these factors.

“Russian Engineer

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