Do Not Force the Russians to Give a Harsh Response: Advice to the Average European

An appeal to the average European

Good day, neighbour on the continent! On June 24th I watched a military parade on Red Square dedicated to the 75th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War.

The main impression of the Parade is the bright, good-natured faces, confident look of the soldiers marching in the parade line. On June 22nd I joined the entire country in mourning the 9 million heroes who fell on the battlefields and the 18 million martyrs who were killed because they were Russians, by your ancestors, who were contaminated with the bacillus of Nazism.

Why do the soldiers have bright faces, while I have sadness instead of anger? We have not forgotten anyone or anything, but forgave you for your insanity. This morning I watched the news feed: 33 NATO provocations on the borders of my country in the air and two at sea in a week.

I looked through articles in the European media about Russia and readers’ comments about them, and in the evening I talked to an artificial intelligence specialist and decided to share my thoughts with you.

You are being persuaded that the Russians are aggressive and must be restrained. So say those who describe aggression not as preparation for an attack, but a willingness to respond. In this logic they are right – we’re ready and we can. Take my word for it – you will not like a remake

You are told that Stalin defeated Hitler thanks to the second front and the American lend-lease. Don’t be a simpleton — look at the calendar and maps of the war, as well as the meaning and conditions of lend-lease. The second front was opened by the time the Nazis were expelled from the Soviet territories, and lend-lease is not a charity, but an acquisition on lease.

Imagine a different scenario – Soviet troops drove out the Nazis and stopped at the borders of their country. They continued to fight remotely using the American and British methods demonstrated in Dresden. Then, instead of a million Soviet soldiers who fell for the liberation of Europe, there would be an order of magnitude less, and the number of European victims would be two orders of magnitude more.

The British and Americans would need lend-lease, and we would not send weapons to the front, but sell them to the allies. The second front would reach Berlin and Warsaw in ten years, sweeping cities and towns along the way, and the allied losses would exceed those of the Soviet Union.

Europeans, does it bother you that the same people who organised the Russophobic Maidan and then guaranteed a peaceful change of power in Kiev are responsible for your security? It ended with a civil war, the death of thousands of people, and the destruction of the Ukrainian state.

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Your media reports that there is no trust between us again. Trust is expensive, and I know with what we paid to restore it after the Cold War. We have put up with the mentoring tone and strange statements of your politicians and journalists. We went to one-sided concessions in politics and trade.

We gave you the markets of Eastern Europe and the USSR. We violated the Helsinki Accords and reunified Germany. As a sign of respect for your freedom, we withdrew troops from Germany and Eastern Europe beyond the Urals. We abandoned the communist ideology that scares you, and lost Greater Russia.

We recognised Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia, and Montenegro as sovereign states. We destroyed chemical weapons, INF Treaty, and 70% of the offensive potential. Instead of being grateful, you think you are winners in the Cold War.

When you dropped “humanitarian bombs” on Belgrade, we gritted our teeth, did not respond, but lost confidence in you. Since then, the ball has been on your side. If you want to live in an environment of trust, take practical steps.

You chose to remain silent when the military-political bloc of NATO expanded to the east, bombed Serbia, Iraq, and Libya. It has been building up and continues to build up its strike potential on bases built by the Russians and handed over to you for free.

It withdrew from the ABM and INF Treaties, did not comply with the agreement on flank restrictions, and built ABM bases and laboratories for the production of bacteriological weapons on territories adjacent to Russia.

It interfered in the internal affairs of Russia and its neighbours, forming Russophobic cells and moods inside of them. It hindered the economic development of my country by breaking the chain of production cooperation. It provoked Saakashvili into killing Russian peacekeepers in Georgia.

In 2008, it refused to sign the treaty on indivisible security in Europe, and we started to prepare for war, and after your invasion of Ukraine in 2014, the declaration of information and trade wars, we accelerated our preparations. From now on, your task is to make sure that the Bloc doesn’t cross the red line.

If you want to restore trust, then remember: Russia is a democratic, social state. The public’s attitude to security is formed taking into account the experience of our ancestors and the current level of European Russophobia, and the military and political leadership of the country takes into account the mood of people. Russia is more rigid than Putin.

You hope that Putin will leave and that we will crawl away — you waste time on illusions and bring disaster closer. The social state is not allowed to participate in an arms race. We can’t afford to prepare for a filigree war.

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The answer will be less aesthetic than your Generals expect, and therefore more destructive. We are good-natured, but we are ready to fight to the end for the freedom and honour of the children killed in Donbass, for the memory of our ancestors.

Your information war writers have gone mad and forgotten about the Russian soldier. The Soviet soldier lived by the idea “if only there was no war”. Russians live by the idea “why do we need a world in which there is no place for Russia?”. They are moderately westernised, but Russophobia strengthens their will and determination, which will add to your problems when you meet them

If you want to restore trust, remember and remind your politicians what a smart German said: “Don’t expect that once you take advantage of Russia’s weakness, you will receive dividends forever. Russians always come for their money. And when they will come, don’t rely on the Jesuit agreements you signed that purport to justify you. They are not worth the paper they are written on. So with the Russians, you should either play fair, or not play at all.”

Raise the issue of compensation for the property left by a Russian soldier in Germany and Eastern Europe, the damage to the Russian economy from the severing of ties with my country’s neighbours under your political pressure. Fight for the lifting of sanctions and trade restrictions. Organise a movement against the aid given to Kiev’s neo-Nazis, who destroy homes and kill women and children in Donbass.

Protest against the buildup of naval strike groups targeting my Motherland. Monitor the media and expose Russophobic fakes. Learn to honour the memory of your own resistance heroes who laid down their lives for your well-being and freedom.

Russian graves and monuments to Russian soldiers who died for my and your freedom are being desecrated by Russophobes. Make fun of the mentoring tone of your politicians and experts. Condemn politicians who prevent the free movement of Russians, their ships and aircraft, and the supply and transit of energy resources.

Tell the Germans and French the truth about Ukraine. Let them imagine that the Turks in Germany and the Arabs in France seized power, that German and French are banned. The Germans speak Turkish, the French speak Arabic, they have converted to Islam and are praying for war against the infidels. Armed activists are monitoring order in the streets. Maybe they will understand what they did in Ukraine while you were silent.

If you can’t resist, but you want to survive, then don’t read bedtime stories from Fukuyama and Yoffe, figure out how it happened that your father paid tax on the Cold war, and the family’s well-being grew. Russia has left Europe and opened up markets, and your family’s income is falling.

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Your children and grandchildren don’t have the same prospects as you had. Where did the media that told you the truth and helped you understand the events, it disappeared? What will happen to your family’s economy and income if Europe engages in an arms race? Study the area where your home is located, and if a strategic object is less than a hundred kilometers away, sell it or demand compensation from the government for living in a dangerous place.

Remind yourself and let your friends know that membership in NATO does not increase, but decreases the security of your country. Fight for a neutral status and the closure of military biological laboratories, and against naval strike groups, nuclear weapons arsenals, missile defences, and INF systems near your home.

From a conversation with an artificial intelligence specialist. When I asked him what makes artificial intelligence different from the intelligence of a Russian soldier, he said that artificial intelligence is a rational European. For him, the understanding of security is formed on the basis of comprehensive monitoring of information, including statements by politicians and publications in the media, and calculations based on threat monitoring.

“Teachers” told him about the millions of martyrs who died at the hands of the occupiers in the Great Patriotic War, so he excludes fighting on the territory of Russia. He also knows that the losses during the capture of cities are much higher than when they are destroyed. He designates threats by level: green, yellow, orange, and red.

The current level is defined as orange. It’s for you to choose: to live among potential targets with a planning horizon of three minutes, or stop moving towards disaster. When crossing the red line, nothing depends on you and me. The Russians do not need your territories, and I don’t need your house, therefore, this time you will not see a Russian soldier and field kitchens.

If you hear explosions destroying your city, avoid approaching military facilities. The war will start with a misunderstanding and will last from one to ten days in the European theatre of operations.

I’m sorry, but we are also a bit European. It is more important for us to develop the economy and develop the country than to fight with you for years. I know firsthand that war is hard and dirty work, and try to prevent it. If you don’t understand what I’m talking about or don’t want to understand, we’ll talk after the war.

Valentin Dneprov

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