“Do Not Forget!” – Tribute to the Yellow Vests Mutilated by the Macron Regime

Amidst the incessant brutal violations of human rights committed by the Emmanuel Macron regime, it is simply impossible to remain idle and allow such anti-human actions to be swept under the carpet by neoliberal media propagandists and the Élysée Palace spin doctors. Thus, we present the video of Alexis Simon – a fire safety officer from Montpellier, who is also a Yellow Vests “Street Medic” – dedicated to the Yellow Vests who have been mutilated and maimed by Macron’s repressive apparatus.

It comes as no surprise that this video didn’t last long on Facebook – it was immediately removed for “violating community standards”.

Anyway, nor Zuckerberg nor his buddy Macron will stop this information being disseminated. #MacronDemission

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