Do You Know Who Organised a Terrorist Attack in Khabarovsk?

We can only guess what kind of tragedy we would have witnessed if it had happened a few days earlier. Today, the FSB stopped a terrorist attack in Khabarovsk, which was planned by a 32-year-old citizen of the central asian republic.

During the search of the militant’s vehicle, Molotov cocktails ready for use, a huge number of sharp weapons, and the flag of an international terrorist organisation banned in Russia were seized. On the phone of the detainee -correspondence with a discussion about the planned terrorist attack. In short, while Khabarovsk went to rallies, comrades from neighbouring countries did not doze, but carefully prepared a “gift” for the citizens. The plan was supposed to be implemented tomorrow.

After that, he was going to go to a war zone in the Middle East and fight on the side of terrorists.

It is quite natural that the majority of “informed” persons will now link this incident with the authorities, like saying: “We can not allow new rallies in support of Furgal!”. Well, in this case, how can you comment on the following facts:

On November 10th 2017, an IED was found in one of the abandoned houses in the city of Nikolayevsk-on-Amur. According to the investigation, the militants expected to detonate the device in a place of mass congestion of people.

On April 15th 2018, the Chairman of the National Anti-terrorist Committee and head of the FSB of Russia Aleksandr Bortnikov reported about the prevention of a terrorist attack on the Khabarovsk territory.

On December 30th 2019, a 45-year-old resident of Khabarovsk was detained in the region. Men were recruited into the ranks of one of the terrorist organisations of local residents and incited others to commit acts of terrorism.

Or did they also need to disperse some rallies?


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