Doctors of the DPR Treat Ukrainians Free of Charge

Translated by Ollie Richardson


Dozens of inhabitants of the Donetsk region under the control of Kiev were able to be independently convinced of how many different medicines exist in Ukraine and in the DPR. Doctors in the Donetsk Republic’s traumatologic center do not refuse to treat Ukrainians who enquire about difficult operations with prosthetics of joints, for which huge money is demanded in Ukraine — and they perform these operations absolutely free of charge, within the framework of the humanitarian program existing in the DPR.

“Following the results of 2017, we can state that work on implementing the humanitarian program has been rather successful — 73 persons from the territory of the Donetsk region temporarily under the control of Ukraine and 120 people from the Donetsk People’s Republic left our hospital on legs,” reported the press service of the Ministry of Health of the DPR, citing the words of the orthopedic surgeon Oleg Zerniya from the Republic’s traumatologic center.

According to the doctor, at the clinic they try to use all means so that not only residents of the DPR can ask for help, but also those who live in Ukraine.

All who underwent treatment at the traumatologic center in the DPR note not only a considerable improvement in their condition, but also the attentive attitude of doctors and medical personnel, which is very different to what they have gotten used to in Ukraine.

An inhabitant of the Donetsk region who received help at the DPR’s traumatologic center said that he learned about the possibility of a prosthetic femoral joint from the TV channels of the DPR, which sometimes make their way to screens in the Donetsk region.

“At first I addressed my local traumatology department, which quoted me a sum of 100,000 hryvnia (slightly more than $3,600) just for the operation, excluding the cost of medicine,” said the man. “Here I fell into the hands of true professionals. The operation was carried out successfully, and already after three weeks the doctors planned to let me leave”.

According to the patient of the traumatologic center, “the hospital provides all necessary medicines both during the operation and during the rehabilitation period”.

“I didn’t think that currently there can be free medicine,” admitted the Ukrainian.

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