Documentary in Memory Of “Motorola” Released Online

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The director of the movie “His Battalion” is the war correspondent of News Front news agency Maksim Fadeyev.

The movie “His Battalion”, devoted to the memory of the legendary “Motorola”, included chronicles of military operations of “Sparta” for almost the entire period of the war, and interviews with participants of these events — fighters and commanders of “Sparta” who told the truth about war in Donbass.

“War is going on not between Ukraine and Donetsk – this is a war of a vaster scale. Here the Western world unleashed war against Russia. They try to take Ukraine under their control, then to influence Russia using some methods. That’s why there is war. Here Ukrainians are used simply as an instrument, like cannon fodder. They inspired in them a certain national idea, and they, like a herd, believed it,” said the deputy commander of separate reconnaissance battalion “Sparta” on combat training “Nemoy”.

“We, ‘Sparta’ fighters, came into the new terminal under the command of ‘Motorola’ — about 40 people. This is the real figure that entered the new terminal. Support – artillery of ‘Givi’, his tanks. ‘Vostok’ was engaged in providing flank cover. It is clear that we had wounded, it is not a secret. There were also those who were simply ill. It was difficult to move people out. Because the enemy was more numerous, about 100 people, quite perhaps, even more. The exact figure is hard to say. It was very difficult. Especially because they sat on equipped positions, and it was difficult to enter the very big building of the airport. But, nevertheless, thanks to the competent actions of commanders and fighters, to their courage, everything ended successfully for us,” remembers Vladimir “Vokha” Zhoga – the commander of “Sparta”.

The documentary film maker of News Front news agency Maksim Fadeyev spent a lot of time together with the fighters of “Motorola”: I was with them on the front line for a day. Once Fadeyev even received a wound during filming the next material around the Donetsk airport.

“The fighters of Sparta were nearby, they quickly provided pre-medical help and delivered me to the traumatology department,” remembers Fadeyev. “Huge thanks to our Donetsk doctors and Arsen Pavlov, who was nearby at the most critical moment”.

The movie after the premiere received a mass of positive comments. People watched the movie of the Donetsk director with admiration. The movie was screened again in Donetsk and Lugansk due to popular request, and also drew the public attention of St. Petersburg.

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The movie was made in real conditions in Donbass, on the front line. Special effects weren’t used during post-production. All scenes in the movie were filmed directly by the author: both during training and in real fighting conditions.

“What was the mystery of Motorola? It is this incredible combination, on the one hand, military talent and skill. On the other hand – the feeling of bravery and large spiritual freedom, absolutely uncharacteristic for representatives of the Armed Forces,” says in the movie the writer and journalist Zakhar Prilepin.

Besides this movie, on our YouTube channel it is possible to find other documentaries connected with “Motorola” since 2014.

Arsen Pavlov died as a result of an act of terrorism on October 16th, 2016, at the entrance of his own home in the center of Donetsk. His death occurred because of the blast of an explosive device installed by the operating agency of the Ukrainian intelligence services.–DeHaA

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