Documents on the Use of Ukrainian Nationalists by Hitler’s Intelligence Were Published

NEW – August 9, 2022

The FSB of Russia has released new archival documents describing how Hitler’s intelligence used Ukrainian nationalists in preparing the Third Reich for an attack on the USSR.

The leaders of the German military intelligence captured at the end of the Great Patriotic War, as well as after it, during the investigation in the USSR, among other things, gave detailed testimony about the participation of Ukrainian nationalists in the preparation of an attack on the Soviet Union and their cooperation with the Nazis. This information was attached to the materials of the Nuremberg Tribunal, RIA Novosti reports.

Among the documents now published on the FSB website is a photocopy of the interrogation protocol of a member of the “Organisation of Ukrainian Nationalists” (OUN) Aleksandr Pashkevich by employees of the Soviet military counterintelligence SMERSH on May 15, 1945.

“In June 1941, in Berlin, where at that time I was studying at the Higher Technical School, a member of the OUN centre – Gabrusevich met with me. At the same time, he told me that Germany had allegedly presented an ultimatum to the Soviet government to place Ukrainian industry at Germany’s disposal. In case of refusal, which was obvious, Germany would start a war with the Soviet Union. In this regard, we must provide assistance to Germany, and I, as a member of OUN, must travel to Krakow to receive appropriate instructions from the centre. I agreed with Gabrusevich’s proposal and immediately left for Krakow,” Pashkevich indicated.

In Krakow on June 19, 1941, “Mayevsky” met with him. Then Pashkevich, together with subordinates of “Mayevsky” by the name of Gladky and Vechorek, left for the Soviet-German border. “On the second day after that, we went to the border, where I learned that Vechorek was the head of the Abwehrgruppe, which had the task of seizing secret documents of the NKVD and the militia on the way of the movement of German troops. Thus, we reached Kramatorsk, where the Abwehrgruppe stopped and started organising counterintelligence. I was in Kramatorsk, in the Abwehrgruppe until the end of December 1941,” the interrogated man said.

It follows from the published documents that by the end of the Great Patriotic War, the traitor General Andrey Vlasov had actually allied with the Ukrainian nationalists.

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Among the published documents is a photocopy of the interrogation protocol of a member of the “Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists” (OUN), a certain Nikolay Mukha, conducted by the Soviet military counterintelligence SMERSH at the end of April 1945.

Mukha said that after the arrest of Bandera, he was forced with other members of OUN (b) to go into the forest, and in 1942 he was caught by the Nazis and sent to work in Germany. There, Mukha, according to him, settled in the village of Blomberg. In 1943, he joined the ranks of OUN, whose centre was located in Berlin. Moreover, Mukha was persuaded to do this by the OUN man who was taken to Germany with him Ivan Zhuk, who has now specially arrived from the capital of the Third Reich to describe to his accomplice the advantages of the “Melnikists”.

On the instructions of Zhuk, Mukha was supposed to propagate the goals and objectives of OUN among the Ukrainians who found themselves in Germany. “For the second time, Zhuk came to me from Berlin in December 1943 and gave me a more detailed setup in working with members of the Organisation of Ukrainian Nationalists,” Mukha indicated during interrogation.

“He said that the time has come to actively start working to prepare for the fight against the Red Army. General Vlasov, who surrendered, has a large army capable of armed struggle against the Red Army, and, of course, with the help of the Germans, he will be able to overthrow the Soviet government and become the power of Russia. And he, like the Germans, promises to establish an ‘independent’ Ukrainian state for us,” Mukha said.

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Mukha also said that the Ukrainian nationalists, helping the Nazis defend Berlin in the spring of 1945, had to burn Soviet tanks from ambush and kill soldiers of the Red Army, as well as arrange terrorist attacks. In April 1945, a representative of the Berlin centre, a certain Josef Pekar, came to Mukha and said that “the Red Army is at the threshold of Berlin, but we should not rush into panic, but defend Berlin together with the Germans. We have enough forces and means”.

According to Mukha, Pekar also informed him that by order of the Berlin centre of OUN, all its members are considered mobilised to fight the advancing Soviet troops: “everyone must remain in their places, and if the Red Army breaks through, it is necessary to destroy its communications, burn tanks and kill the officers of the Red Army.”

Mukha said that together with Pekar he toured all the OUN members who were subordinate to him, and they instructed each of them what to do in case the Red Army came. “Before leaving, Pekar warned me not to betray and said: ‘If we hold Berlin, then we will win the war.’ In addition, he stated that he himself also remains in Berlin in order to commit sabotage and terrorist acts against the Red Army,” said Mukha.

Recall that the FSB declassified documents on the connection of Japanese intelligence with Ukrainian nationalists.

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