Why Doesn’t NATO Bomb Ukraine?

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The formulation of the question itself can seem to be absurd to many — however it is not so…

Because after all, according to historical measures, not long ago NATO aircraft bombed Belgrade — the capital of Yugoslavia. And the main reason for this operation was, according to the Americans, “Milosevic’s refusal to grant autonomy to the people of Kosovo”. And allegedly the ethnic cleansing of Bosniaks and Kosovars by Serbians.

Doesn’t it remind you of anything?

Of course, Donbass and its desire to become independent of Kiev. And the same attempts at ethnic cleansing in the Southeast by Kiev nationalists. “Donbass will be Ukrainian — or unpopulated” — we didn’t forget about it. Like how we didn’t forget about Slavyansk or Odessa…

If to be guided by logic, today the Americans should be on the side of the DPR and LPR, as they were on the side of Pristina or Sarajevo in 1999, who didn’t want common destiny with Belgrade.

And indeed, does Donetsk and Lugansk want a common destiny with Kiev today?!

Moreover, in the present situation the Americans are not obliged to resort to bombings and rocket attacks at all — because it means inevitable victims among civilians — it is sufficient to simply put economic and political pressure on Poroshenko and his government. Washington, Berlin, and Brussels have all opportunities for this: today’s Ukraine politically and economically completely depends on their American and European “curators”.

But no, the collective West, contrary to their values, stood on the side of the genocidal Kiev power. And a reasonable question arises: there — in Europe or over the ocean, do some values still exist, or do only lies, duplicity, and “business interests” remain?

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In the Old and New World they are ready to conclude an alliance with anyone, even with the devil itself, if it hurts Russia. The next episode of russophobia, which is apparently incurable, pushes the West towards cooperation with frankly nazis, and towards supporting the cannibal regime of Poroshenko.

And for unleashing civil war in the center of Europe — a war in which the number of victims went already to tens of thousands!

And at this time the mantras about “democracy, a choice of the people and freedom of self-determination” are repeated time and time again.

And what about the choice of the people of Donbass? Or Crimea?

It turns out that they have no right to autonomy and the right to define their own destiny?!

And if they want to do it in a union with Russia — in this case, according to western “logic”, it turns out that they don’t have this right!

These double standards are so obvious (and disgusting) that any talk about “human rights” or “freedom of speech” are not able to conceal them.

The war against Russia is being waged, to be exact, against all the Russian World — and it is especially for this reason that the West stood on Kiev’s side — and not on the side of Donbass! And it is for the same reason that the OSCE pretends that it doesn’t notice how punishers for two years shell Donetsk. And the western media is persistently silent about the crimes of the Kiev power, and attempts are made to expose Russia as the aggressor.

But we remember everything — and I am firmly convinced that the time will come when every liar and provocateur in the West will pay the price!

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They will pay for Donetsk, for Slavyansk, for Odessa! For Maidan, for destruction of the country, for civil war!

And the West doesn’t need to delude itself. Yes, they unleashed hybrid war against us, but they shouldn’t forget that Russians always win wars, and nobody yet — nobody! — defeated Russia! And nobody will!

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