Donbass Child Asks For Help In Stopping Ukrainian Shelling

Every escalation carried out by Kiev occurs during the days of political negotiations. In the Republics, even children living on the contact line know that it is dangerous to walk on the streets on the day of negotiations – they will bomb.

So what’s the point?

  • Intimidating people.
  • Causing maximum damage to the infrastructure.
  • The division of people into their own and someone else’s.
  • A clear response to all proposals for the settlement of the conflict.

When the students were dispersed on Maidan, the whole world shouted “They are just children”!! Why do these fighters for the truth not see the children of Donbass??

Dima Emelyanov is 9-years-old, and for 7 years he has lived during a war!! But his request for a cease-fire is unlikely to be heard by any of our liberals or western human rights activists.

But I hope that his request will be heard by those who can really protect him, and the dream of these children who have been living in war for so many years will come true.

“What is your name?”

“My name is Dima.”

“How often do they shell?”

“They shell very often. Please, help us so that they don’t shell us.”

“What should be done during shelling?”

“During the shelling there is need to lie on the floor in order to avoid shrapnel.”

“You do this?”


“How old are you?”

“I’m 9.”

“What is your surname?”


“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

Andrey Rudenko

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