Donbass Fighter From Kiev Disrupted Screening of Ukrainian Propaganda Film About Maidan

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The former resident of Kiev Andrey Savelyev, who at the age of 16 left to fight in Donbass on the side of militia (call sign “Vandal”), disrupted the presentation of a propaganda film about Maidan, which took place at the Ukrainian cultural center in Moscow on the Arbat.

Savelyev managed to attend a screening of the short film “Revolution of Dignity”, where at the beginning of the screening he stood up and declared that, as a resident of Kiev, he is ready to tell the audience the truth about Maidan.

“There’s another part of Ukraine, which did not like Maidan. They wanted to express their opinion. These people were in Crimea and in Donbass. But their opinion wasn’t taken into account. And now they are bombed in Donbass. I saw it in person, how the population was bombed. It’s not on TV that I saw it, but in person. And while you are watching this film, Donbass is being bombed,” said the militiaman.

The organizers were forced to interrupt the screening.

Recall that long before Euromaidan Savelyev received an award from Vladimir Putin for the fact that he recaptured the Russian flag from Ukrainian nationalists, which the extremists grabbed during a demonstration of Russian Cossacks in Kiev.

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