“Donbass Are Not People but Territories” – Russian Fifth Column Journalist

Translated by Ollie Richardson 


Russian journalist Alexander Nevzorov refused the residents of Donbass the right to be considered as people. Also, the host of “600 seconds” and organizer of training about the benefits of atheism acknowledged that Ukraine is only interested in the territory, without any “Downbass” and “Lugandon” [pejorative for Donbass and Lugansk – ed].

Donbass is a property that, together with the land, belongs to Ukraine, and only a public decision by the citizens this property can be given to anyone. This was in response to one of the readers’ questions, said the Russian reporter.

Nevzorov was asked the following question: “You support freedom. Why do the residents of Donbass have no freedom to live their Russianness?”.

“They can be Russian, Russian-speaking. They can be anything you want. But without Donbass. What is Donbass? Donbass is, above all, property. Donbass is not the people. Donbass is mines, mountains, fields, forests, open spaces, streams, cities, towns, power plants, and other assets. This property together with the land belongs to the government of Ukraine. Only a public Ukrainian decision can give it to anyone.

Incidentally, this also applies to all other situations. Donbass’ people are not the owners of all that is in Donbass,” he said. I recall that the presenter in the spring of 2016, said that in the near future, those who yesterday shouted “Crimea is ours!”, will “start to explain and justify themselves, and will consider the date of annexation as the beginning of one more Russian coup”. Ukrainian patriots warmly welcomed the statements of Nevzorov: the idea that “Donbass will either be Ukrainian or deserted” has gained popularity in the Patriotic biomass.

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