Donbass on Fire: Special Report From the Blazing South of the DPR

The war correspondents of “News Front” visited one of the most intense points on the map of fighting and saw with their own eyes what the Ukrainian so-called ceasefire looks like.

In Donbass since July 21st the obligation to observe an agreement on a comprehensive, steady, and indefinite truce has been in effect, but at the moment it isn’t observed, and the war thus starts to flare up with new force.

The video shows the consequence of shelling carried out by Ukrainian militants in the South of the DPR, Kominternovo, where in one day a half dozen destroyed houses that can’t be restored were burning..

During filming the correspondents of “News Front” became a target for the UAF punishers.

Later the UAF hit houses in Kominternovo without pause. It’s as if there is no ceasefire in the South of the DPR.

At the time when the work on the report was finished, the list of victims among the Kiev militants was lengthened.

In Spartak one peaceful inhabitant died and one more received severe wounds as a result of a detonation of a Ukrainian munition.

On the morning of September 8th, while two peace female residents of the settlement of Spartak living on Central Street were working at a personal plot, there was a detonation of the unexploded munition that remained after shelling carried out by the bandits of (Vladimir) Kokorev from the 92nd brigade. One of women born in 1961 died on the spot from multiple shrapnel wounds, and the second – bon in 1962 – was taken to a hospital with a wound to her lower extremities.

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Also, during the same morning a house in Yasinovataya was damaged by a fire after the UAF launched anti-tank missiles.

The war in Donbass continues.

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