Donbass Resident: “Why Did You Come to Our Land to Kill Us?”

By Aleksey Zhuravko

Dear friends, I am currently in Donbass – a Ukrainian region torn apart by a civil war. Some of you have heard about the war here. Most of you haven’t. Those that have heard about it from the Western media know that evil Vlad Putin attacked these poor people – #RussiainvadedUkraine.

However, all the people reporting about Russian troops are very far away from here, and haven’t provided any factual evidence of the so called #Russianaggression. So I, a person born with no legs and one arm, a former ombudsman for the disabled people of the Ukraine, came here, and on my little cart that I used to move around, actually dared to talk to locals and hear their stories (don’t be surprised if I get banned by Facebook for showing this Truth).

I ask you to spend just 4 minutes and watch this video about a man who lost his beautiful young wife and is left with a young disabled child because of Ukrainian shelling.

Killing and maiming is all the “democracy” Ukraine and its backers in the West are bringing to Donbass. Sometimes it seems that this struggle is hopeless… but if the world knows… if the world learns the Truth of what is going on here – we can end this war! We can end the suffering of these local, peaceful and hardworking people!

So I ask you, friends, please don’t look away. Please listen to this man’s story. Please hear it! Please share this video. Please help me and others like me get the Truth out to the world!

Oleksiy Zhuravko

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