Donetsk Paid Tribute to the Victims of the Tragedy in Bosse

Translated by Ollie Richardson



In Donetsk a gathering took place devoted to the anniversary of the tragedy in Bosse. Two years ago, Ukrainian fighters shelled the “Donetskgormash Plant” public transport bus stop in the Leninskoye district of Donetsk (citizens traditionally call this residential district Bosse — in memory of the first head of the plant). As a result of shelling, thirteen civilians died, and about twenty people were wounded.

Today thousands of inhabitants of the Republic gathered on the place of the tragedy to honor the memory of the dead. Participants of the mourning action laid flowers at a monument to the dead, which was opened on the first anniversary of the tragedy a year ago.

On January 22nd, 2015, early in the morning the Ukrainian fighters shelled the bus stop of Donetskgormash Plant. The first volley landed on the tram ways, three hundred meters from the roundabout. The next volley hit a bus stop. One of the shells blew up in close proximity to the trolleybus of route No. 17, another hit the bus, the tram was also damaged.

Shelling claimed the lives of thirteen civilians, and about twenty people were wounded. Shells also hit the boiler room roof and private houses. Splinters damaged shops, and outlets near the stop were left without glass.

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