Don’t Count Out a Prison Cell: The Oligarch Poroshenko Has Nowhere to Flee From Ukraine

The oligarch and former president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko risks being jailed in Ukraine, however he shouldn’t count on receiving help from his western “friends and partners”, who were once swearing eternal friendship to him.

Poroshenko obviously intends to fight to remain in politics and consequently, in Ukraine — and to be free, said the columnist Rostislav Ishchenko especially for the Sputnik “Near Abroad” Telegram channel.

Poroshenko clearly intends to fight to stay in politics, and therefore in Ukraine – and at large. I think that this decision was made by him not only because of an inadequate assessment of the situation (although this motive is a factor), but in general his life is not as he’d want it to be.

Poroshenko banally has nowhere to run. Virtually no one wants to give him shelter. The United States itself can initiate a case against him for interfering in the 2016 US election. There are no guarantees from extradition anywhere.

An attempt to survive as an influential leader of the Ukrainian opposition is his last chance. But the risk is very great, I would say beyond measure. Tymoshenko went to prison in circumstances much more favourable for her.

I do not quite understand the call of Zelensky to the current Cabinet of Ministers to resign. If the government of Groisman fulfils his wish, then it will have to either work in an acting capacity, which will reduce the powers (in particular, the Cabinet of Ministers may motivate its refusal to decide on the financing of the election by its “inferiority”), or the Rada will have to appoint a new Cabinet of Ministers (which, according to the law, will have to make way for the newly elected parliament, i.e., in two or three months).

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In general, in the situation of the coming chaos, the parliament will have work to do, and the people will have something to distract themselves with.

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