There Aren’t Any Double Standards in the West, Right?

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Vladimir Kornilov

Theresa May on 12.10.16 in Parliament said that it is time for Russia to admit that the only way out of the Syrian crisis is to agree on a “transition of political power”. I.e. on Assad to step down, to put it simply.

It’s strange, and why is such an approach not applied to Ukraine? Why wouldn’t London call for a “peaceful transition of political power” from the puppet government of Poroshenko-Groysman to some “government of national unity”, appointed during negotiations between the West and Russia?

And also I remember how, in 2008, the US representative to the UN, raised their  eyebrows with astonishment, and angrily enquired about Georgia to representatives of Russia: “You talk about changing the legitimate government in an independent country?!” It’s as if they tried to say how is it even possible to offer something like that!

But there aren’t any double standards in the West, right?

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